R. Mika And Her Ridiculous Outfit Join Street Fighter V

R. Mika And Her Ridiculous Outfit Join Street Fighter V

Here's a strange one: R. Mika, a wrestler who first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3, is joining the cast of the newest Street Fighter game, impractical costume and all.

She looks fun to play — check out those wrestling moves — but this is an odd choice given Mika's lack of pedigree. Cool throwback though! Street Fighter V is out Q2 2016 for PS4 and PC.


    SJW whiners incoming...

      Complaining about SJWs is a very quick way to make sure that I'm going to always dismiss what you say.

        Especially if they keep using it as a blanket term. Pretty soon the problems of real SJWs will be ignored.

    That Super... I enjoyed it more than I ought to

    Makes you wonder what the inappropriate content warning is for in the end <.

    Impractical costume and all.
    Im guessing Jason hasn't seen any women's wrestling in the past 30 years or so

      Haha.. was about to post the same thing.

      It's not really any different to a majority of female wrestler costumes =P

    Hey look; comments about her costume...
    That's refreshing.
    R. Mika looks rad.
    Case closed.

    I never use her, but I welcome her back to the roster.
    NOW; please give us some more fresh faces to join Necalli...

    I look forward to this being dubbed over with horrible WWE commentary, including "she calls this 'Rear View'" on that super at the end.

    I really wish these developers put as much effort into making this game fun to play as they do making it amazing to look at. The graphics are so goddamn cool, but as someone who never grew up playing Street Fighter I feel like the fanbase excuses the really frustrating learning curve / potential to be stuck in combos big time.

      The fanbase for Street Fighter grew up playing Street Fighter. There is no learning curve for them.

        ...That's, that's exactly what I just said?

          No, you said that the fanbase excuses the learning curve. To the fanbase, there is nothing to excuse, because the learning curve doesn't exist. There's a big difference there.

            I don't mean for them personally, I mean they excuse the franchise's flaws. Or that the developers don't make enough effort to allow beginners to enjoy their game. Or that reviewers don't really make enough mention of the fact that if this is your first street fighter game, it's going to suck, for a long time, before you get better and learn how to play. Of course the fanbase wouldn't have an issue with the learning curve personally if they already know how to play.

              See this is why I only play fighting game w/ friends I know for parties...

              It's a fairly even match most of the time w/ random button stupidity but it's still good fun by all involved none of the hyper competitive stuff u get online =P

              Would you say that about Dark Souls? Ninja Gaiden? Heck, League of Legends? These games, or even these game archetypes, are next to impossible without practice and learning. It shouldn't fall on reviewers to herd people away from a franchise for daring to challenge their gaming abilities, especially at the expense of people looking for that challenge.

              People are free to enjoy the game however they want. If you want a couch game to play with friends, no one's stopping you. But no game should ever lower itself to the level of the player; the player should rise to the level of the game.

                I think that League Of Legends 100% suffers from this same problem. Dark Souls has a lot to learn but it does a pretty good "tough but fair" job of teaching you the mechanics you need to know to pass it. There is so much left unsaid in Dark Souls, techniques and secrets and all that, but it's not a necessity to pass the game, just added depth for those who need it.

                The problem is that Street Fighter and indeed all fighting games still haven't worked out the best way to create a tutorial for new players. I remember in Street Fighter IV I literally got stuck on the last boss of the "story mode" and actually never beat him just because I felt completely ill equipped skill and knowledge wise to beat him. It wasn't a case of him being too hard (well it was, actually), but a case of me as the player still having no real sense of how to control my character or do anything but the most basic of moves. By the time you get to the end boss of a game, you shouldn't still feel like you've got no idea what's going on. I never felt this frustration with games like Soul Calibur, for example.

                I'm definitely not saying sacrifice depth for accessibility, the best games can have both. Hearthstone, Rocket League, Smash Bros, etc. I'm just saying Street Fighter has had the high level gameplay locked down since its inception, now they've gotta work on the flaws the franchise has always had to make it perfect. And the big one is the barrier of entry.

    *takes note for next costume*

      Conidering you can buy fake breast plates now, I say go for it!

        Yes, perfect timing on that article :P

        Might need to see if they do butts as well though...

    But the question is!?! Does she have independant and reactive wobble physics?

    Impractical? have you seen any wrestling in the past 30 years lol. Their costumes can range from a pair of briefs to goldust's bodysuit. Then again it IS kotaku.

    Rrrrrrrr MMMMMmmmmmiiiiklllkk...
    MMM mmmm yummm...what?

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