Rayman 4 Would Have Been So Much Cooler Than Rayman Raving Rabbids

Rayman 4 Would Have Been So Much Cooler Than Rayman Raving Rabbids

The Rayman series of platformers are far, far better than people give them credit for. And it’s a shame Rayman 4 was eventually cancelled — and replaced by Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Wii — because the project sounded really interesting.

As part of my fortnightly game challenge, my way of working through the Pile of Shame that grows year upon year, I’ve been slowly working my way through Rayman Origins. I’d already played a bit of Rayman Legends but decided to shelve it to play the older Origins game.

It’s a quality platformer — but then, the Rayman series was always better (at least in my ideas) than people gave it credit for. So it’s a shame to see what Rayman 4, a planned reboot of the series from the now defunct Phoenix Interactive Entertainment, was planning to do.

Unseen64, which covers cancelled and unreleased projects, has put together a video covering all of the available information on the title. The premise of having every character be self-aware of their existence as a virtual character, as well as the idea of having the starting level being a training camp for video game heroes, is intriguing on its own.

I can’t really fault Ubisoft for wanting to target the Wii on launch and the quality of the main games have certainly been enjoyable enough, although they might not be as appealing to adults as some would like.

What would you have liked to see from a potential Rayman reboot — and what has your experience been like with the Rayman series?


  • I enjoyed Rayman 2 more so than Rayman 3, so more of that would be great. If it’s a toss up between returning to Rayman 2 versus the new 2D games, I’d say stick with 2D as they’re fantastic to play with my wife. 🙂

  • I thought the Raving Rabbids were great… I was more disappointed that they weren’t put into other Rayman games.

  • Rayman Legends is as good a 2D platformer as I’ve ever played as far as visuals, settings and variety.

    I got it for free as part of the XBL Games with Gold program and I often boot it up for a level or two.
    As someone who doesn’t need a regular fix of 2D platforming it’ll be the only Xbone game I’ll ever need in the genre!

    • I think I probably liked Origins better. I mean if you started out with Legends it’s got like half of Origins in there anyway and that’d be cool, but it kind of sucked getting to the end of the game and finding out it was still incomplete, and I just had to go through all the stuff I’d already gone through again. Felt kind of half-hearted.

  • The original Rayman was good. Rayman 2 was fantastic in its day, great memories getting through Rayman 2.

  • Phoenix? I know it’s not the same company, but whoa, that name gives me a migraine.

  • Rayman Origins is one of the best 2D platformers ever made and filled with so much joy

  • There is no need for a reboot. Rayman Origins and Legends are exactly the way the series should be going. Just build on that.

  • Rayman seems to have gone the way of Tomb Raider. Started off good and only got better, then the publisher cocked it up and only now are they coming back better than ever.

  • I never played any of the 3D platformers but I remember thinking that they did look good. Back in the N64 days.

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