Remember This?

I've had many Remember This nemeses during my time at Kotaku Australia, but Crotchdot? He might be my mega nemesis. Yesterday he returned to the fray to foil me once again.

He guessed yesterday's Remember This in an infuriatingly short period of time. It was Saboteur on the Spectrum. Well done mate. Great guess.

Good luck with today's effort. And what I actually mean is I hope you all fail miserably so I can win.


    Donkey Kong country

      I am 99% sure this is right based on the fern on the top right. I can't find those damn flowers in any of the screenshots though.

        Looks too high rez for DKC, but has that Nintendo/Rare vibe, like Kameo or Banjo Kazooie, but those flowers at the front are really bugging me, I know I'm going to be pissed when this one is guessed.

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          Yep its Donkey Kong 64

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      oh god I complete forgot about that game ,I played it alot as a kid. frustrating little buggers. I remember typing the word cheese alot, while they starved to death :)

    One of the Rayman's? Before the series went nuts with the Rabids thing

    I know it isn't, but for some reason I think "Cannon Fodder" when looking at that image. It's nothing like Cannon Fodder!

      Still searching. Feels so familiar. I have this feeling that when I see the answer I'm going to say "Oh, DUH, of course it is."

    Space Station Silicon Valley?

      Google is suggesting to me that the white flowers in that have 6 points, not 5.

    My first thought was definitely one of the Donkey Kongs... Maybe Donkey Kong 64?

      Earlier than the other DK64 guesses by 10 minutes. Grats =)

    Maybe @Serrels should get some help, since he never wins ;)
    It'd be cool to have the winner suggest the next game. That way the same people won't consistently win, and a broader range of games may be picked :)

    Just a suggestion :P

      used to do something similar with haitaku and there was an email address at the bottom of the article that you could send submissions to be selected

        Was able to do the same thing with the original run of Remember This as well. I know I'd submitted some screenshots back in the day.

          I'd be down for that, I'm sure there are a few indie games out there that might stump a few brains.

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