Remember This?

Congrats to Casual Prolix who managed to correctly guess Greg's Remember This pick. It was Startropics on the NES. Nice job.

Today's suggestion comes from Karl. Good luck everyone!

If you have a game or screenshot suggestion for Remember This, feel free to email me here


    Who Dares Wins.

      I think you might have it...

      Last edited 17/08/15 12:21 pm

        He does, but I'm pretty sure it's the sequel rather than the original.

        Ah, it was the sequel, well spotted.

        My first thought was Commando, but I remembered that being a lot browner. Was reasonably sure it was one of the old-school soldier games I played a lot. If not Who Dares Wins maybe Arnie or Airborne Ranger.

      I bow down to your brilliance! Well played.

    For anyone interested, here's Friday's actual screenshot

      Ahhh!! Thanks mate! I had no idea, figured the blue was water but had no clue on the dodgy log :P

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