Remember This?

Ah Crotchdot. My old nemesis. It appears I am not the only person you have foiled. You guessed Karl's pretty damn obscure Remember This pick as well.

Well done! Yesterday's Remember This was Who Dares Wins 2. Pretty tough one, but this sort of period is Crotchdot's bread and butter. Trust me. I know this better than anyone.


Good luck with today's effort. I am back in the saddle. Take it easy on me!


    Only played who dares wins on my cousin's amstrad with a green screen monitor, so was out of the running yesterday!!

    I've been thinking hard about this one but just don't know. I guess you could say I've come up against a brick wall.

    I seriously think it's the brick wall paper from Windows 3.11.

    GODS? or am I thinking the wrong colour grading on the brickwork?

    I'm going to go a different route and say maybe Might and Magic 3 (to 5ish) or another first person dungeon crawling RPG from the mid 90's.

    Microsoft Links (as in the golf game)

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