Remember This?

Congrats to johnny_unitus who managed to correctly guess yesterday's Remember This. It was Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Yes they made a video game based on that movie.

Good luck with today's effort people.

Remember, you can send in Remember This suggestions to me here


    Maybe Asteroids or something similar (not really sure)

      on more thought my second guess would be Missile defender (I think that was the name)

        or maybe it was missile command or missile defence (me and my old man brain cant seem to remember the dam name of it)

    It should be the intro to commander keen.

    We need more apogee and bitmap brothers games up in here.


      Yeah, totally some weird earlier-than-NES version of Battletoads.

    Is it SDI? Strategic Defense Initiative. The underdog story of a little battle sattelite during the Regan era?

    I don't remember planets being filled in like that but the resolution and colours look right, is it Elite?

    The picture is from the opening screen of the wonderful Starflight, MS-DOS CGA version. There is a great SEGA Genesis port, with awesome music by Michael Bartlow.

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