Remember This?

Well, looks like old man Serrels finally got one over all your whippersnappers. Will you all be needing another clue then?

And just for reference, here's yesterday's clue.

Good luck everyone!


    Looks like my vision on Sunday morning!!

    Biker Mice from Mars!

      One day, you'll be right.

        I bet Serrels has thought about it, one day he'll give in.

          It has actually happened a few times already. If someone guesses it before Decoy, we all guilt trip them into deleting the answer so he can get it...

          Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Looks like a demo scene/game crack intro screen on the Amiga.

      Yeah, I was thinking it looked very Amiga-y (is that a word?). Can't for the life of me think of which particular game, though...

    I'll take a stab and say The Chaos Engine on the Amiga.

    Looks like a windowsill if that helps at all.

    These things honestly just look like textures ripped from Photoshop.

      Is that just a general sort of comment? Or is that your actual guess? :P

        It'd be unfair for me to play along now! I had my one entry and I won, I'm happy with that =D

    Floppsy and the DingleMcWocketPops 2


    Duke nukem 1 or 2. PC.
    Or !
    Shadow Dancer on the MegaDrive.

    Halloween Harry

      Damn, I knew those bricks looked familiar

        Sweet, I've been saying Halloween harry for months now. (It's my rock'n'roll racing). It was only a a matter of time. Great game too!

          Nice! I've never even heard of that one!

    Puzzle Bobble?

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