Remember This?

Congratulations to Hell_Rok who managed to guess that yesterday's Remember This was 40 Winks, a weird little game that may or may not have actually been released in Australia. Yeah, I'm having to crank things up a notch.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Monkey Island?

      My first thought too, but it seems easy… perhaps TOO easy.

      Gah beat me to it. I was gonna say MI3, but it's probably number one.

      Serrels, if this is actually Monkey Island, you can be my plunder bunny.

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    Alone in the Dark?

      That was my first thought too. Which is odd considering I only played the game like once as a kid and was too scared to actually do anything in the game.

    Don't worry @serrels, I distinctly remember there being a copy of 40 Winks at my old video store available for rent, so they definitely sold at least one copy in Australia

      Don't forget that it's on our PSN as well! :)!/en-au/games/40-winks/cid=EP0182-NPEF00148_00-G40WINKSXX000001

    It kind of looks like it could be a floor or wall in Dark Forces or Dark Forces 2

    Looks like Assassin's Creed IV running on my PC.

    Sam and Max hit the road.

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      ohhhh I played that game to death back in the day. I think you might be right.

      Totally agree, played game way to much to admit
      Is definitely Wooden floor in BLOOD

      Nailed it.

        This is the first one I've ever guessed right before someone else!

        I played Blood to death. I finished all four campaigns on extra crispy. It was ridiculously unfair.

      Yeah, nice one, you've got it for sure.

        So stoked. I'm kind of irrationally happy to get this one.

    Sam and Max? Like it's giving me the ol pointy'clicky vibes.

    And on the otherside of the coin, a rather obscure screenshot of Quake?

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