Remember This?

Remember This?

Bloody reverse image search. You can’t beat it these days. Is it time to move back to Scribbletaku?

Regardless, DNR is a good sort, and I believe he managed to guess Friday’s Remember This — The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery — via legitimate means. Nice job!

Good luck with today’s effort!


  • Scribbletaku was awesome, not only is it a guessing game, but a display of your artistic talent.. *cough* 😉

  • Err Serrels, I don’t want to say that this one pops on RIS too, but…

    I’m going to leave the guessing to those that don’t cheat. Which isn’t me… because I am an awful person.

    I personally prefer Scribbletaku, Haitaku, or basically anything else where it isn’t quite so easy to cheat. The screenshots are nice, but google kind of killed this game.

    • You could always just, you know, not cheat.

      Oh, I accidentally saved the photo and uploaded it again into a Google reverse image search query which just happend to be open! It was an accident, I swear!

      • Can always just link the pic at google images. If I use RIS, I don’t post the result. Feel its outside the bounds of sportsmanship and spirit of the game

      • That’s an awful lot of effort, considering you can do it in two clicks.

        I’m just saying – it’s a better game when it isn’t so easy to cheat. I also don’t post the answers if I get it through RIS – but it irks me when Serrels posts a really cryptic one that stumps everyone for a day or two, and on day three it pops in RIS and someone miraculously happens to guess it correctly within 5 minutes. I am happy when the pics can’t be searched, since it means everyone is on an equal footing.

        There was a period where the pics were being pulled from Youtube videos, so they didn’t pop in RIS… those were the good ol’ days.

        • To be honest I’ve never used an RIS, so was kinda guessing the steps 😉

          If I did use an RIS for Remember This, I wouldn’t:
          A) Pretend like I guessed the answer
          B) Comment saying I used an RIS but that I won’t give the answer, or
          C) Open my trap at all

          If you’re going to be a bad sport and cheat, don’t play at all.
          It just ruins it for everyone else.
          I mean, you’re going to find out the answer sooner or later anyway, so you may as well just wait.

          • you literally right click the image and go RIS. Its stupid easy and every time it can be RISed, its ALWAYS guessed and often by people who havent guessed it before. Bring on Scribletaku! That was awesome

          • Well said, Decoy. It ruins the game for everyone, and I’d rather someone like me comes out and says that it can be easily picked through cheating than someone magically guessing it as soon as it can be RIS’d.

            Like I said, I am happy when it can’t be RIS’d. I play most days, and dislike RIS as much as anyone… but just sticking your head in the sand and pretending the problem doesn’t exist isn’t going to make it go away.

            Anyhoo, bring on Scribbletaku.

      • The only time it’s an honest contest is when it can’t be searched, and I want to know when the contest is honest and when it isn’t. Knowing that it comes up on an image search does that. It’s not about cheating, I only look when I have no idea and wouldn’t guess anyway.

  • People could just refrain from ruining the game.

    Have you added a Photoshop pixelate filter to that one, Mark?

    • He should add that to all of them – might make the reverse image search a bit less reliable?

  • My suggestion would be before uploading the article with the pic, upload it to imgur and do a reverse image search from there, if the game comes up then pick a new one.

  • Yeah, I suspect a great many ‘guesses’ aren’t really guesses. Go back to scribbletaku.

  • I enjoy these too much so don’t even bother image searching searching, its a pity that even the screen caps are now Google searchable 🙁

  • What about Distortaku… pixelate an image from a game? Should stop the reverse image search

    • I like the idea, but alot of the older games are already so low-res that distorting it would make it unguessable…

      Which means Serrels might win occasionally. DO IT!

  • I’m terrible at Scribbletaku and pretty much have no chance of winning one, but I’d say it’s probably time to give it a try again. I prefer that to the haiku one at least.

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