Rocket League Saves Just Keep Getting Better And Better

Rocket League Saves Just Keep Getting Better

Rocket League is a runaway success, and the PS Plus month only increased that popularity. But look beyond its sales numbers, and admire its fan community. The Rocket League community is so fun (and so positive), because they maintain an infectious excitement — the type of glee that one would get from attending a soccer game in real life.

Entire YouTube channels have sprung up to create weekly highlight-reels — an ESPN SportsCenter for the gamer set.

Most people post their best saves, and those are impressive enough. But this particular gamer, who's going viral, raises the bar on 'you've-got-to-be-kidding-me' awesomeness. The player walks the ball down the goal line, and then ricochets it across the entire field to score the goal.

Rocket League Saves Just Keep Getting Better

Any challengers?

I see your best Rocket League save and I raise you mine [Reddit]


    It's been years since I've felt an equivalent to the infectious fun of Rocket League. Those five minute games are perfect for a future pro-league too.

    I've seen some epic moments, but if I was in that game, let alone the person who pulled off that shot, I think I would have completely lost it (in a good way).

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