Roleplay In Style With This Gorgeous Titanium Dice Set

Confession: I get very excited about dice. There's something about a sexy set of polyhedrals that gets my heart pounding. Put a well-crafted platonic solid (or swarthy d10) in my hand and I'm yours. So when I caught wind of these artisan dice from, uh, Artisan Dice, I melted inside, as if my soul had rolled a 20.

So the titanium set pictured above is by far the hottest (at least in my mind), but there's tough competition from various others, include these delicious brass ones and this collection made from carbon fibre. You know, if you plan on firing them into Earth's atmosphere.

Heck, these guys even have dice fabricated from Jack Daniel's whisky barrels.

Before you ask, yes, Artisan Dice ships to Australia for the reasonable sum of $US15. My quandary is not if I want a set, or even which one, but would I want to even use the dice, or just sit them on my bookshelf to admire?

Artisan Dice [Official site, via CNET]

Photos: Artisan Dice


    The Jack Daniels ones are cool, the rest just seem like a pain to use

    When I finally land an employment, my first paycheck is going towards a nice set of metal dice.
    Gotta DnD in style!

    We don't like metal dice at our table, they tend to destroy things, the battle board, the battle map, the table itself (Lots of tiny dents) I admit they look cool and feel great, but you need to make a felt lined box to throw them in.

    Oh and stepping on a metal D4 has been known to leave puncture wounds.

    My darling wife gave me a polyhedral set of wooden dice from these guys. They're absolutely magnificent. I fully intend to order a set of D10s for my World of Darkness games. I have my eyes on some of the alligator bone dice range they have.

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