Smooth McGroove Returns To Super Metroid. Finally.

When I first watched this video I wondered if it was the first time acapella artist Smooth McGroove had covered a Metroid track. Turns out it's not. He's done a couple, but it's been a long goddamn time. Too long in my opinion.

And for his return, he's chosen a real humdinger: the theme from Brinstar Green.

I'm continually amazed by the different types of sounds this guy is able to make with his voice. Not just that, but his ability to arrange — that might be his best trait. Regardless, this is one of my favourite recordings he's ever produced. Love it.


    I watched this only moments before you posted it up Mark. One of my fave Metroid tracks, and done well to boot. Smooth is...well, smoooooooth.

    Last edited 13/08/15 4:26 pm

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