Someone Just Broke The Spelunky Speed Run World Record. It’s Insane.

Someone Just Broke The Spelunky Speed Run World Record. It’s Insane.

Spelunky is insane. People who speed run Spelunky are insane. Someone just broke the Hell speed run world record for Spelunky. Guess what: it’s insane.

As someone who is a complete Spelunky noob, I just sort of sat, jaw agape, trying to comprehend what the hell I was watching.

Kotaku reader (and frequent contributor) Trjn was kind enough to give me his breakdown.

Here’s a completely unnecessary breakdown of what happened during the run.

After finding a teleporter and jetpack in the first shop of the game in 1-2, d_tea robbed the store and zipped his way through the mines. In 2-2, he spotted the secret entrance to the Black Market near the start of the level and bombed his way in. He stole the Ankh from the Black Market and then made his way to the ice caves.

In the ice caves, he spent some time looking for the Moai Head which spawns on either level 3-2 or 3-3. When he didn’t find it in 3-2 he went to 3-3 and immediately killed himself. He then respawned inside the Moai Head thanks to the stolen Ankh and unlocked the Hedjet.

In level 4-1, the temple, he killed the miniboss Anubis to steal his Scepter. In 4-2, he found the entrance to the City of Gold, which requires the Hedjet and Scepter to unlock.

d_tea then stole the Necronomicon from inside the City of Gold so that he could find and unlock the entrance to Hell inside Olmec’s Lair (Olmec being the normal end boss). This also caused the miniboss Anubis 2 to spawn. When he fought Olmec, he quickly killed Anubis 2 with some bombs and then made a path down to the entrance to Hell by placing bombs under Olmec.

In Hell, he just played really fast. No special tricks, unless you count using ropes in Yama’s Throne to make sure his jetpack didn’t run out of fuel.

Okay. That makes a bit more sense.

Thanks Trjn


  • @markserrels The new site design that auto-refreshes the page after five minutes makes it very difficult to watch embedded videos on Kotaku.

    Crazy skills, though.

    • Since attention is being drawn to the new site, it’s also basically impossible to scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at what’s going on over at giz or lifehacker, because it automatically loads new articles.

      I don’t frequent those pages, but I liked taking a look at the headlines here to see if anything caught my eye.

        • Except the Currently Trending section suddenly jumps it out of your reach too. Although that’s only once as opposed to 5 times on the front page.

      • 100% agree with this comment! I always like scrolling to the bottom to see the stories from gizmodo and lifehacker – and now frustrating when they keep disappearing because of the auto-refresh. Seems a bit pointless still having them there when you can’t read them.

    • Is that still happening? I looked to me that it had stopped. It’s a bit strange, though, as AJAX to check for new content and insert into/update the page has been around for ages. I think the US version of the site even does it that way? Hard refresh is easier, but shouldn’t be necessary on modern websites.

      EDIT: As pointed out above, the content loads dynamically at the bottom of the page to permit infinite scrolling… so just do the same thing on a timer to insert at the top of the front page, update Mark’s typos and load new comments.

      • …content loads dynamically at the bottom of the page to permit infinite scrolling… Though “infinite” in this case only means 5 pages worth before you get a “Next” link. What’s funny is Destructoid just recently updated their site to have infinite scrolling too. It was gone within a week and replaced by static pages with a next button.

      • Thanks! No need to apologise – just figured it might be a feature/bug/side effect you hadn’t thought of yet.

  • I’ve put hundreds of hours into this game and I am still too scared to try and use the teleporter like they do in these speeds runs. Impressive stuff.

    • I’ve done 5 minute no gold runs and still can’t complete a teleporter (any%) run.

      I still try though because teleporters are crazy fun.

      • I don’t try it (or angering the shop keepers, for that matter) because I don’t find vita-throwing fun at all 😛

        • I can’t remember the last time that I bought anything from the store. Once you get used to robbing the shopkeepers, it just becomes habit.

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