Sony Won’t Let You Save Some Until Dawn Streams On Twitch

Sony Won’t Let You Save Some Until Dawn Streams On Twitch

Until Dawn is fantastic, and the horror premise is readymade for streaming and Let’s Plays. Who lives? Who dies? It’s perfect for an audience! For whatever reason, though, Sony has decided to handicap how people share their experiences, if you’re playing on a PlayStation 4.

I’d read some scattered reports that Twitch archives for Until Dawn weren’t saving, including one from Kotaku‘s own Patricia Hernandez. After doing a little digging, I found this:

This only happens while using the PlayStation 4’s built-in Twitch app. If you’re capturing footage using a separate box, Sony isn’t actively taking down everything related to Until Dawn.

Still, what the hell? This doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

If I’m stretching my imagination, I suppose Sony’s worried about people spoiling the story revelations for other people? Banning archives isn’t going to stop that. This is tone deaf.

Sony hasn’t responded to my request for comment, but hopefully this is a temporary mistake.

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    • my thoughts exactly… it should be worded “if you’re streaming directly from a Playstation 4” because he means if you’re using the built-in streaming software…

      poorly worded

  • Oh Sony, you are now just doing more harm than good. Seriously, people are smart enough to know that watching these game plays can lead to spoilers.

    • I highly doubt that spoilers is the reasoning behind it. Isn’t it much more logical that they feel that if people watch the game they won’t buy it??

        • Well, only if they’re made by exactly the same people… Doesn’t it stand to reason that different companies have different perspectives, philosophies and policies on things?

        • They do don’t they? I thought lots of games had cutscenes blocked. This game is just an interactive movie yer? There is actually little gameplay?

    • When recording Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, using the PS4’s own recording software, it blocks the cutscenes that can be seen after the credits in every mission.

  • Have people seriously not encountered this, before? Loads of games have story elements or certain screens cut out of them, some more than others but i’ve noticed it pretty regularly. Did people seriously not know this?

  • Why are you streaming via to PS4 Share option? Drop money on an ElGato or an onboard media capture device and do it that way. Better quality on the stream, ability to use all of the Twitch features, and you can adjust bitrate or resolution if your speeds aren’t that great!

    PS4 Share is trash for streaming.

  • Surprise surprise, more “control” from big brother Sony. They shouldn’t allow developers to do this in the first place. Just like with paywalled games when you already bought the console, the game, pay for your own internet connection and still need PS+ for MP despite 90% of it being PVP.

    BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! They also allow/encourage paywalls after all that. Just love paying Sony to play on my own internet connection. Then they allow publishers to block scenes using Sonys own recording software.

    Stop the babysitting. It’s obvious that if you watch a stream that there will be spoilers. Duh. Commonsense. So sick of the age of “control” by private companies and govts. Piss off!

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