South Korea’s Poop Themed Coffee Shop

South Korea’s Poop Themed Coffee Shop

No, the coffee isn’t made from poop. The cup, though, does look like a potty.

Recently, website Seoul Searching checked out Poop Cafe in Seoul, near Gyeongbokgung Palace. Outside, the cafe doesn’t look too different from other trendy Korean cafes.

[Photo: Seoul Searching]

Inside, the decor is poop themed — though, done tastefully. Well, as tastefully as you can do poop themed.

[Photo: Seoul Searching]

[Photo: Seoul Searching]

It’s not as gaudy as Taiwan’s Modern Toilet restaurant.

[Photo: Seoul Searching]

Hot coffee is served in toilet-shaped mugs. So go ahead and order the Rose Latte with poop art!

[Photo: Seoul Searching]

There are also doodoo shaped scones. Because poop can be cute, too.

[Photo: Seoul Searching]

How’s the coffee? “Pretty good!” Seoul Searching’s Lexi tells Kotaku. “Not as crappy as you would think.”

Top photo: Seoul Searching


  • When I was in south Korea I couldn’t find one good cup of coffee and started getting withdrawals haha so instead starting drinking ginseng and korea has the best ginseng.
    But the younger generation are starting to grow the coffee culture but by being influenced from America where I’m told it’s just as hard to get a good coffee might make it hard.
    I did try the poop scone thing and that was nice, the insides are brown gooey and nutty.

  • Why is this news? Genuinely curious because these poo themed restaurants and cafes have been around for “years”. It’s not just in Korea either.. they are dotted around the East Asia area. When I was in Taiwan a few years back, they were there.. I’d heard a few interesting stories about them when they first released in Taiwan.. people attempting to actually go to the toilet in the seats etc..

    Just odd that this is “new” is all..

    • It doesn’t say anywhere in the article that it is a new thing, just a slice of life article about odd differences in cultures.

    • Korea has a really weird relationship with poo. There was a Vice short where their host visited a guy who made ttongsul, a rice wine made from fermented baby shit. There are also shit-themed theme parks in Korea.

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