'Sprout Heads' Are A Trend In China

Putting sprouts in your head, it seems, is now a thing in China. According to The Beijinger and ShanghaiIst, folks have taken to wearing plastic sprouts in their hair, because they think it's cute. Bean sprouts seem to be the most popular.

Picture: toutiao/ Sina/Xinhuanet

I think it kind of looks like Pikmin, but that's me.

Picture: Nintendo

This, of course, is Pikmin.

According to Chinese website Sohu (via The Beijinger), the trend started at a comic or a cosplay convention, while another site (via ShanghaiIst) says a character in Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf inspired it.

The trend's origins seem rather nebulous, but reports say that plastic hair plants stuck on hair clips are being sold and worn.

Pictures: Xinhuanet

Below, you can see various photos of people with sprouts coming out of their heads.

Pictures: toutiao

Pictures: Sina

Pictures: Xinhuanet

Pictures: Sina

Pictures: Xinhuanet

Pictures: toutiao


    And we were worried they were buying up Aussie farmland and businesses. All we need to do is setup a Sprouts-R-Us franchise and we're set to be the next worlds overlord.

    0.o trying not to judge, cmon i can do this.
    well that just looks silly

    I've got a toadstool on top of my head, as well as human turd

    Last edited 29/08/15 2:17 am


    Sums it up.

    Where would one purchase such a clip? Or willI have to make one up myself?

    Reminds me of the time something similar grew in the passenger-side footwell in my 1986 Ford Fairlane.

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