Star Wars Battlefront Will Be Playable At PAX Australia

Star Wars Battlefront hit stores November 19 here in Australia, but if you want to play it a little earlier, roughly three weeks earlier, it will be available to play at PAX Australia down in Melbourne starting Fridat October 30, finishing on the Sunday.

What will you be playing? According to EA the Survival Mission, set on Tattoine, will be available either in single-player or co-op.

For reference, this is what you'll be playing.

The demo will be running exclusively on Sony's booth, so you'll most likely be playing the demo on a PlayStation 4.


    I am going to buy the shit out of this game

      I've already pre-ordered the shit out of it :) so amped!

    Argh, way to rup salt into the wound! Can't make it this year, like last year. Need to sell my 3 day pass.

    Also playable at the EB Expo

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