Starbound Gets A Massive Update

Video: Remember Starbound, the huge 2D exploration/building game that landed on Early Access a couple years ago? Well, it just got a massive update. It adds the ability to construct NPC-populated colonies. There are also 400 new micro-dungeons and improvements to pretty much every part of the game.


  • Doesn’t really fix the main issue I had with Starbound being that there was no real obvious endgame & when you wanted to progress to the next tier of galaxy/system you’d need to abandon any settlements you’d left on older planets.

    It’s a game with a lot of potential but there’s also a lot missing. I would’ve preferred to have a set number of planets with all the specific biomes in them contained within 1 system – each planet with their own difficulties/challenges that would depend on progression through the other planets to overcome.

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