Starbound Gets A Massive Update

Video: Remember Starbound, the huge 2D exploration/building game that landed on Early Access a couple years ago? Well, it just got a massive update. It adds the ability to construct NPC-populated colonies. There are also 400 new micro-dungeons and improvements to pretty much every part of the game.


    woooo can finally start selling all that crap we've collected.

    Looks interesting. Haven't touched it since they wiped our characters during alpha.

    Doesn't really fix the main issue I had with Starbound being that there was no real obvious endgame & when you wanted to progress to the next tier of galaxy/system you'd need to abandon any settlements you'd left on older planets.

    It's a game with a lot of potential but there's also a lot missing. I would've preferred to have a set number of planets with all the specific biomes in them contained within 1 system - each planet with their own difficulties/challenges that would depend on progression through the other planets to overcome.

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