Starting Today, All Windows 10 Users Will Be Able To Stream Xbox One Games To Their Devices

Starting today, all Windows 10 users will be able to stream Xbox One games to their devices. The feature was previously only available to folks in Microsoft's feature preview program.

You can read Gizmodo writer Sean Hollister's impressions on Win10/XB1 cross-platform streaming here.


    So was I but rather unsuccessfully - then again I made moves to get into the preview program once B/C was announced!

    I'd love some tips on how to get the streaming to actually work - mine runs for a minute before giving up.

    Hasn't this been the norm for everyone? I'm not in a preview program or anything, and I've been doing it for a few weeks on Windows 10

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      I think it means they are officially supporting it now.

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else. Was working for me last week and I'm pretty sure I'm not part of any preview program.

    i didn't think this was a new feature at all... according to majornelson's blog they're just updating it today... adding a 1080p/60 option (very high option) and a number fixes/changes...

    oh well whatever... has been working pretty great for the most part on my on my AC network

      Ooooo the 1080p/60 setting is official now. I must check that out ;) It's worked beautifully in the past but I was hoping for better picture quality via lan at least.

        yeah i'm kind of excited about it too... that said there aren't a huge amount of xbox games that run at 60fps :P lol

        i also doubt my network will handle it well enough to be worth trying haha

    It looks horrible streaming from my xbox to my 1440p monitor. I'll just play in on my TV lol. My couch is better than my chair.

      Not if your couch is being dominated by the wife or kids!

    While you are doing this, can the xbox one still be used for stuff like netflix or does it mean the xbox one is unuseable by the person in front of the tv whilst the person on the computer is streaming...

      When you stream the Xbox to your PC, you see things exactly as they are happening on the screen. So no, it can't also be showing Netflix on the TV, while you can play a game on it using your PC.

      While I wouldn't expect anything else - it goes a long way to explain why consoles are GAMES machines first and foremost. The whole "Xbox One is the one device for everything" concept was always bullshit.

      Personally, I have an Alienware Alpha which I use for streaming Netflix, with the PS4 and Xbox One on either side, which I use for remote streaming.

        cheers thanks for the info, exactly what I wanted to know

    This feature alone could be enough to sway me to an xbone rather than ps4. Living in a sharehouse I don't get a lot of time to the TV on my own, so ducking in to my room and playing in bed could be perfect.

      Keep in mind that you will need a very fast (preferably wired) home network in order to stream reasonable quality. I can only stream "Low" which basically 480P quality on 5Ghz wireless N home network, and that's with the Router, console and PC on the same level with no walls between them, so extremely good signal. I would recommend having at least having the console on wired network and the PC on AC wifi If possible. You may still notice bad performance if your housemates are using the Wifi as well.

        My desktop and consoles are all wired, it's the only way to live. Would definitely need to look in to performance concerns though, cheers.

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