Straight Outta Gotham Is A Perfect N.W.A. Parody Featuring Batman Super Villains

Honestly, when I clicked play on this video I expected to turn it off after 30 seconds. Surely this would suck? What I didn't expect was a truly funny, well put together Straight Outta Compton parody with some killer punchlines.

This could have been a bog-standard video that got by on the strength of the high concept — Batman villains rapping, etc — but it takes things a step further. Not only is it well written, well shot and well edited, but the raps actually do a great job of mimicking the original. The Riddler's verses actually sound like Eazy-E both in cadence and timbre. Like it's crazy. They'ver perfectly chosen each Batman villain to represent each N.W.A. member and totally followed through on it.

I don't want to say too much more, just check it out.

Via Nerdist


    Loved it... not sure about the Ezy-E/Riddler comparison, think you're a little off there... but great nonetheless.

    Like most things to do with Batman, needs more More Killer Croc.

    Fuck that was awful. I feel embarrassed and there's no one around me, "the raps" are nothing close to the original and even if they were WHY aren't there blacks? Bunch of white nerds pissing on something that was and still is an important message it doesnt need parodies.. that song is a black culture anthem to this day it still holds a lot of power and meaning, this is what makes me hate being white. Its easy to come up with excuses for this trash when you're living a life of privilege.

      Oh God. We're talking comic book characters. And a 25 year old music video. You are white and, thus, just guessing, probably not the best qualified to make blanket judgments on what is and what isn't a "black cultural anthem." In fact, since today is make believe day, I'll guess that there are many black people worldwide who find the song offensive. So... ah... get over yourself. Not everything has to be Selma.

    It takes it a step further? I really enjoy the gaming news and some of the news stories but giving a video like this promotion and talking about it like it's some amazing idea is just rubbish. I'd like to see these stains walk through compton dressed up haha nErD CuLtUrE woooho0000ooo

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