Street Fighter 5 Gets Updated Even Though It's Still Offline

Street Fighter 5's beta is getting updated, even though you can't play it.

You have to hand it to Capcom. As bad as the Street Fighter 5 beta was — hardly anyone, anywhere, got to play — they haven't given up on it yet.

The developer is still pushing out updates for the beta, presumably in preparation for when the beta gates are thrown wide open once more. Eventhubs has captured a screenshot of the patch, showing that updates to the login process and matchmaking have been rolled out as of version 1.02.

Precisely when Capcom will give the beta a second crack is unknown, although you'd have to imagine it will happen at some point this year. I don't mind waiting though: after all, I've got Rising Thunder to kick around in.

Street Fighter 5 is due out on PC and PS4 in March next year. It'll come with cross-play as well, something that I wouldn't mind seeing a little more of.

What are your expectations for Street Fighter 5?


    If a beta is unplayable but get's updated... Jesus... It sounds like a Zen koan...

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