Summer Games Done Quick Raises More Than $1.2 Million For Charity

Summer Games Done Quick Raises More Than $US1.2 Million for Charity

The weeklong speedrun event Summer Games Done Quick has come to an end, inspiring the games community to give a whole lot of their money to Doctors Without Borders.

The event's final tally was some $US1.232,441.90 across 28,466 donations. The highest donation SGDQ 2015 received was a huge $US21,498, although your average gamer pitching in to the event was pretty generous, too, giving about $US43.

If you haven't been watching SGDQ, you missed some pretty epic speedruns as top-class players took on 160 games during the event, showing off their skills on a Twitch stream of constant gaming goodness. Other highlights: SGDQ 2015 saw the biggest on-site attendance of any GDQ event, maxing out at 1,200, and saw the highest donation total of any SGDQ event. And for one glorious moment, SGDQ managed to make Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue the most-viewed game on Twitch. Well done, everyone.

The final speedrun of the event was a quick through Chrono Trigger, which is a pretty solid way to kill five hours. You can watch all the runs on the Games Done Quick YouTube Channel.

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    That's insane!! I watched some of it the other day an it only had 200k. That's great work by everyone!

    They were averaging around 100k per day over the first 5 days. But $1.2 Million, congrats to the guys and girls from SDA and SRL on hitting the million mark.
    AGDQ raised 1.5 million for the Prevent Cancer charity.
    And now SGDQ hits 1.2 million for Medicines sans frontiers.
    $2.7 million all this year just from the GDQ events.

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