Surprise, Halo Wars 2 Is Coming

Surprise, Halo Wars 2 Is Coming

Video: Did anyone really expect a sequel to Halo Wars?! It's coming late 2016 from Creative Assembly, and based on what Kotaku has heard, it's going to be episodic too. Plus, it's for both Xbox One and Windows 10.


    Dude, I loved the first one. Best example of making an RTS work on a console I've seen so far. Really intuitive control scheme that made it easy and fun to play. Had a lot of co-op fun with friends on Halo Wars.

    Is this the new direction for Creative Assembly alongside Total War Warhammer? I haven't found myself too engaged in a Creative Assembly game since Medieval 2 which is annoying as that's still one of my favourite strategy games to play

    The games industry has gotten weird. Creative Assembly are owned by Sega, so Sega are making a Halo game. And it's Halo Wars 2 which is about the last thing you'd expect to see a second outing of.

    I don't know guys, I'm still bummed that Ensemble Studios closed down after Halo Wars.

      I thought they closed during development of Halo Wars... after their Halo MMO was canned.
      Weren't they reduced to skeleton staff to finish Wars?

    Oh good, it's coming to PC. Now I might be able to enjoy it properly. XD

    episodic RTS? how the heck is that going to work. piecemeal the campaign?

    So an episodic RTS? that doesn't sound right

      Yeah... unless it's like StarCraft 2.

      But, I can't see them doing that.

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