Surviving Japan's Biggest Geek Event

Surviving Japan's Biggest Geek Event

Each August, over a half a million people descend on Tokyo Big Sight for Comic Market. That's a lot of people to contend with, and it's brutally hot outside and in the convention centre. If you are attending, here are some important guidelines to keep in mind.

The bi-annual Comiket (Comic Market) showcases self-published manga and magazines (doujinshi), which typically have limited print runs and are often highly desirable among collectors. Cosplayers also come out in full force.

Yes, the end of this has an ad for Japanese energy supplement In Jelly, but it's good to have a Comiket manners reminder.



    Something something low angle shooting...


    I don't care if it's an awkward and bizarrely long ad for a drink, the production and satire of the entire thing had me laughing hard.

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