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    Over the weekend, I submitted an entry to the Indie Game Making Contest 2015.

    Messar Dreams

    FRIENDS! I'm seeking votes, please - as unlikely as it is, I'd love to take out the Player Choice award.
    The highest voted game has less than a hundred votes at the moment. I've got five. All I need is some more!

    I'm also seeking feedback/QA notes. I want this game to be amazing. Thanks @scree for being the first to comment!

    Also will be giving away copies of The Game to Messar Dreams aficionados.

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      What! It should be 6. I voted. Fixed it =D
      I may have tried to vote twice >_>

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        It's up to 7 now! \o/

          Are you also promoting on twitter?

            I've put a few tweets up, but that's it so far.

              Have you told Seon about it? He could help promote it, therefore also promoting Tyrano builder at the same time. Win-win!

                Rather stupidly, that never occurred to me.

                Thanks! I will get on that tonight. :)

      I used my face to vote, I mean I voted my face off.... Um... I just voted :/


      Who's this guy?

      Hey Virus. What's news, man?

        *reaches for the paddle*

        Wait its just virus

        *reaches for the pther paddle*

        I dunno, I hear he's some beggar from the streets, ha :P

        Not much, same old shit different week kinda stuff. Had some jerb interviews the other week, heard back from two thus far, they didn't want me. But to be fair they were interviewing literally hundreds of people ha. Still waiting to hear back from the third one so yeah!

      Hey Virus, how you been?

        Yeah not bad, busy though. How I manage that whilst being unemployed amazes me :P

    Went to my Warmachine tournament and didn't do that well, with 2/5 victories. Had a few bad match ups, one match came down to the wire and lost because of a tough roll and it was the first time playing the new Anson Durst. But it did convince me that Durst is worth playing.

      Hey 2/5 is better than straight losses across the board

      Anson Durst? Sounds more like Anson Wurst. #EveryPageIsPageSix

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    Busy weekend. Spent Friday night at friend's place welding together frames and gongs for the range, and tinkering with Diablo 3. Really need the 2.3.0 patch - there's a bunch of pile of changes coming that should send me back into it face first for a while again. Love that it continually evolves, keeps it fresh and interesting.

    Saturday was range day, and my second outing with my Remington 700 Police, after the first outing was primarily just running the barrel in, and sighting it for 100 metres on large paper targets. This time we took it out to 300 metres, and I was easily able to hit a 6", 10mm plate of mild steel 9 times out of 10. Pleased with the results, and next time will be stretching out to 500 metres. Also surprised how much damage a .308 round does to 10mm steel at 300 metres. Poor little target was utterly destroyed by the end of the day.

    Sunday was chill day, and spent it doing a couple of nightfalls and weeklies on Destiny, as well as vegetating on the couch with my Vita and leveling my gathering classes on FFXIV via Remote Play. Also finished Daredevil Season 1. Totally blown away by that show. So well done - I wasn't even that interested until my housemate talked me into it, and I found out Jon Bernthal was cast as Frank Castle/The Punisher for S2. Really keen for that. Vincent D'Onofrio did a fnatastic job as Kingpin as well.

      .308 is a pretty big bullet, not surprising it'd do some damage to a target. You should see what it does to a rabbit.

    We get a secret article tag in TAY today! \o/

      @FreezeSPreston also got a tag, unless that was the tag you were talking about in which case...tags

        That's exactly what I was saying. =P

          Yeah im smart *puts on thinking cap and goes back to bed*

            The important thing is you tried.
            *Hands a ribbon with the words "You Tried" spread across it*

      Would be awesome if it led to a secret article. Or a chain of them to keep him occupied. :D

    I saw Mark on the train on Saturday, but I'm awkward and didn't say hi. Just quietly sat and played Box Boy instead. In other (Inkopolis) news (time), South pole won the Splatfest over the weekend, and for once, the less popular team won!

      Just bone up on your Scottish and that will give you the confidence to say something like:

      "Awright Marc, how ye daen th' day?" or even "Mon then ya mad rocket, yir getting a doin." (the latter is a term of endearment amongst Glaswegians, or so I understand).

        I, uhh.. do you have a version of that site that's Scottish to English? I have no idea what the second phrase is supposed to mean at all. I think maybe it's a good thing I didn't try to talk to Mark now =P

          The second one is basically "Come on then you mad bastard, I'm going to give you a beatdown!" Could be used in a friendly way :-P

      You should have totally gone up to him and just pointed and stared with your mouth dropped open for like 20 minutes =P Kind of like @evilmonkey 's avatar!

      Last edited 10/08/15 10:35 am

        Even better if a thin line of drool starts coming out while he's staring, until it starts dripping into a slowly spreading puddle on the floor.

      South Pole won? Yessssssss

      This Splatfest was really great. The teams felt a lot more balanced (only had to fight another South Pole team once the whole day - and I played a lot :P)

        It was really balanced; 52N-48S in terms of popularity, 48N-52S for victory %. 24 super sea shells for me, yay!

    I took my five year old to see Inside Out over the weekend. That's a legit film. All the feels.

    Not my favourite Pixar film, but I think it's probably their best realised concept.

      I feel it's probably their most adult film to date. Sure it's colourful and happy but it gets quite gloomy in parts. Also the adult jokes are pretty great.

      But yeah, legitimate feels.

      Definitely more appreciated by adults. I'd almost venture that it is not a "kids' film" in the traditional sense. I really enjoyed it with my 7-year-old but she obviously only 'got' a limited amount of it.

        I said this to my wife when we got home. It's one of those odd films that could only ever be made as a kids' film, but is so obviously not aimed at kids.

      How did she go with understanding the concepts?
      Mum took my niece/nephew to see it who are a bit younger and they couldn't grasp the emotions as characters concept so it was very confusing for them

        She understood that they were all emotions in her head, but I'm not sure the concept of the personality islands made sense to her (though she understood that the crumbling of the family island was a VERY BAD THING and got upset, so I'm not really clear how much she understood).

        She didn't really want to discuss the film afterwards.

        My three year old recognised that the imaginary friend's sacrifice on the rainbow rocket was the emotional spike in the film. I kind of suspect that he understood the film better than my five year old, but he doesn't have the language to express his understanding

    Went to a marriage equality rally on Saturday in Brisbane. 5000 people. Was craaazy. Then had dinner with Strange, Lambo, Nobs, Rockets and Blaghs. Was a good day.


    Except now I've got the dreaded man flu. This is my lesson for leaving the house. DON'T DO IT.

      *Parks a truck full of rare Dreamcast games and hardware down the street from @dc.*

      Let's see how long he holds to that advice, :-P

      I've got the man-flu too! It must have been all those boy germs. D:

        I'm not sure who to blame. Hospital people when I visited Freeze, LGBT people at rally or... YOU GUYS! *glares suspiciously* :P

    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is out this week. Pretty excited. Pretty real excited.

    Also started watching Bob's Burgers. Someone probably should have told me it was good ages ago!

      I'm really looking forward to Rapture. All I know is that it has great atmosphere and art style. I know nothing about the game itself other than it is kind of like Dear Esther (which I haven't played).

        Just looks like one of those games that will be fun to mosey about the world for a while. Relaxing! :D

    Found my old PS2 collection earlier in the week. Having more fun with those games than that on current generation consoles.

    Currently working on Grandia 3. Had the game for years but I think it's high time I played the sucker.

      How is it? Grandia II was one of my favourite games on the Dreamcast (really excited about the upcoming PC re-release) but I heard that 3 wasn't quite as good and I never got a copy and then it went out of print. The series creator died so we never got any more of them either, which sucks.

        The series creator died so we never got any more of them either, which sucks.

        Didn't know that! That explains why there has been no Grandia 4.

        Anyhow, the copy I have (NTSC as it never came to PAL) is on two disks, and I'm still on the first one.

        But I'm liking it so far. To sum up my experience so far, take the graphical enhancements of Grandia II with the humour of Grandia, take plot devices from the two and you pretty much get Grandia III.

        In terms of playing the other games, I played Grandia on the PlayStation, Grandia II on the PC (definitely plan to reply on the Dreamcast due to the cut content on the PC).

        One final side note, I know there are other games like Xtreme and Parallel Trippers but they don't seem to be considered cannon.

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          There's an upcoming port of the Dreamcast version coming to steam some time this month, this time with the addition of a Japanese dialogue option. Hyped for that.

          Did a little looking around today and apparently You Yoshinari (Gainax / Trigger animator, Gurren Lagann, FLCL, Little Witch Academia etc.) was the character designer for Grandia III. Didn't know that.

            Hehehe, I knew of the port. Be interesting to see.

            But it would be nice if the whole trilogy was made accessible. And maybe even with a new translation for the first game.

            I kid you not, the translation was laughable at best because it's bad in some areas and down right inconsistent in what themes were censored and which weren't.

    The shiny hunt grinds on towards conclusion. With this morning's acquisition, I now have 26/28:
    My first critical capture too, which was nice.

    I also did jury duty last week. I went and sat in a waiting room all day, and never got called out. Then I went home, and that was it.

    So I Shadowran on Sunday. I swear my decker is either the best or the worst decker in all of Seattle. Frequently bashing his head at being denied by the firewall of an elevator but able to avoid all of the ICE at an Ares Macrotechnology factory. Overall though, the run was probably the quietest that it could have gone. Almost failed at the very start of the job because we forgot to grab faked entry credentials to even get into the factory but we made it somehow.

    Apologies that I couldn't make it for the Blaghs meat on Saturday. I hope everyone who went had fun. My Saturday night was with family celebrating my cousin's engagement which was nice.

      ... I did not know that Shadowrun was set in Dystopian Future Seattle.

        Apparently the original writers of Shadowrun back in the 80s picked Seattle because nothing really happened there. Then the 90s happened and people began to notice Seattle.

        Still, dystopian future Seattle is not so better. Better than dystopian future Chicago, which was nuked, or dystopian future California, which is owned by the Japanese Imperial Government and the Japanese Zaibatsu megacorporations.

          Shadowrun's fairly late 80s though. Microsoft had been there nearly a decade by then and the other tech companies were ramping up. Plus it's been a big area for tech for a long time thanks to Boeing.

          I bet also that they wanted to differentiate themselves from Gibson's Sprawl (Boston-Atlanta) and from Cyberpunk 2020 (Arcology in Dystopian Japanese Zaibatsu-run California).

          What is it about Cyberpunk and Japanese Zaibatsu though? Zaibatsu ceased to exist after WW2, changing into Keiretsu which are more like traditional companies with subsidiaries. Though several of the big Zaibatsu (Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Sumitomo) still exist in name at least, I guess.

            I have a feeling that Zaibatsus are an easy thing to use in cyberpunk because it's the perfect real-world example of how a megacorporation can exist and control multiple functions and products in a society. The fact that the Japanese also came up with a name for them whereas large US corporations aren't quite as noticeable and don't have the same sort of single entity branding on everything, but rather the individual subsidiaries and different brand names for different products and services.

            It's kinda funny nowadays though because Shadowrun has cottoned on and now has several Chinese megacorps operating throughout the world. Back in the 80s and 90s this was almost inconceivable.

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    Going to try making the switch from Simplenote to Evernote. Why? Because Simplenote isn't doing a good job of keeping up with the various board game pun names I've used on Twitter.

    Morning everyone. Had a fairly quiet weekend. Played a shit ton of The Witcher 3 and have finally cleared up most of the ? points of interest in Velen (Skellige is another story though). I think I'm about half-way through the story.

    I used my slow-cooker on Saturday to make a beef and red wine casserole. It was pretty good. Tastes better the day after.

    Played some Tintin and Hamsterball with my 5-year-old and got my 7-year-old daughter started on Zelda A Link Between Worlds (she's enjoying it so far - I've never played it).

    We had an impromptu party on Sunday afternoon where the kids organised the party games (musical chairs anyone?) and we ate old-school party food like chips, Cadbury Snack chocolate, fairy bread and fizzy drink. Then watched The Little Mermaid :-)

    Played Destiny clearing the raids on hard mode for the first time and started a rewatch of Life on Mars and Archer.

    Pretty low key weekend but it still went too fast. Thinking I might have to slip some additional leave between now and the week I'm taking off for Fallout 4 in November, but looking at my calendar I literally do not have the time. Every week has at least two things which cannot be rescheduled that would be very bad to miss. :/

    Oh well, only 35 years 'til retirement.

      Woo Archer! I've been watching it again now it's on Netflix.

        I immediately watched like 5 episodes in a row while I did some housework. No season 6 for now, which is a shame because it's the only season I haven't watched yet.

    Hola Tay

    I had a deaaaaaad weekend. Went to the Hungry Hippo on Friday, played Zombiecide (eh) and Machi Koro (Good, but last time I played it with the expansion which I think is essential).

    Saturday went and gave plasma, tapped my right arm for a change and it went off without a hitch (unlike last time). Then played Dragon Age all day. Yesterday, decided to take a break from the Genghis Khan travelogue I'm reading and read The Martian, which is a pretty damn good piece of hard sf. Great set-up and interesting structure, and the protagonist is damn likeable. Can't wait for the film.

    A Monday morning question: So, you know what I've been reading, but what about you? What are you reading? If you're not, want a recommendation?

      Almost finished the Hydrogen Sonata.
      Recommended me a next book?

        Big sweep space Opera? Maybe try Saturn Returns by Sean Williams. Basically a dude who was once a terrible soldier with lots of alternate bodies wakes up in a single body with a memory gap and tries to work out precisely what happened.

        Plus, Sean Williams is an Adelaide boy!

      My favourite thing about Munchy Koral is the comments section to this review of the expansion.

      It's just a game that gives me nothing. The tableau building is weak and stagnant marketplace (in the base game) seems to enforce lazy gamer syndrome where you just buy the same things over and over. The expansion is meant to help the latter a little but the former is still a huge problem. A particularly huge problem when Splendor exists to do a similar thing much, much better and without those pesky dice that insist on screwing me over at every turn.

        Yeah, the fact that it's a full market in the base game surprised me, and I didn't like it as much, the randomness of drawing from the deck and having to snake stuff from other people was a good strategic element.

        I'm not sure I'd buy Machi Koro, but the "Everyone's a winner!" thing when someone rolls your number is nice.

        Haven't played Splendor. On the list.

          We tried them both at PAX last year. Splendor got added to our collection and is one of the most played games since. I'll probably never play Master Kancho again.

            I expect I'll play and acquire a few new ones at ConCentric in September

            You hate games that involve rolling dice though, don't you?

          Splendor is a better game than Machi Koro but I like Machi Koro.

          The game played between myself, Mr & Mrs @tigerion and @mad_danny was epic. Tigs bet the whole farm on one number and danny did the same on the other. Green buildings so required them to be the one to roll, and what eventuated was a sequence of about ten turns in a row where they each rolled each other's numbers. It was amazing.

      Just started reading 50 Australian Crimes Of The 20th Century, its abit full on but its good if you like crime and the like. Been tryna find a copy of the Martian but literally every book store I've been to are sold out.

        I imagine it'll get a film tie-in soon, but if you can't wait, Book depository is the best.

      Still on the Katherine Kerr series I was reading last time
      Been working from home a lot so my commute reading time has been limited

      I recently finished my 6th or 7th read of Cryptonomicon to hype myself to take another run at Quicksilver, with a view to finally finishing Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle.

      I then have a ton of other Stephenson novels I've been meaning to read for years.

      I don't tend to venture out of books/series/authors I already know. I want to read more sci-fi and fantasy novels but when I visit Dymock's everything seems so blandly generic than I can't bring myself to part with money.

        Cryptonomicon I've tried twice and failed. Pity, because I've loved a lot of Stephenson's other work (especially Anathem).

        Try The Quantum Thief, by Hannu Rajaniemi, or Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie.

        Both super interesting and certainly not generic

          I'll make a note of those.

          What was your issue with Crypto? I know McGarnical hates it because some of the writing in the earlier chapters are pretentious/wanky/immature and has ignored my pleas that this is a reflection of the mind state of the POV characters and they grow and mature over time.

          That said, there is a tad too much fixation on erections throughout the entire book which I am prepared to forgive, but telling people I love the book and then there being random passages where someone is plotting out his horniness levels on a mental graph or we need to be reminded it's been awhile since someone last had a nocturnal emission is a tad difficult to justify.

            I think I just hit a wall where it's going "isn't telecommunications great? Here's how it works in EXPLICIT DETAIL." I guess I'm just not that invested in the forward plot to stand the infodumps. Which is weird, because I lapped Anathem up and it had sections which were just two characters debating mathematical theory.

            To be fair, I'm partway through his collected writings (Some Remarks) and 80 pages of that is precisely "isn't telecommunications great? Here's how it works in EXPLICIT DETAIL"

              Admittedly there is a bit of dry business stuff frontloaded until Avi's true business plan comes to light, I found that Lawrence Waterhouse's WW2 adventures carried me through until the present-day Randy Waterhouse stuff became interesting.

              On a second reading there's a lot of nuance that I definitely glossed over the first time - which is also the problem I had with Quicksilver. I really didn't get into it until near the end so I feel like a second reading will be very revealing and hopefully set me up well for the rest of the trilogy.

                I'll probably pick up Seveneves once my book pile clears a bit, but I've got two books coming in the post to add to my already creaking pile so it'll have to wait.

          Funny - I loved Crypto and found Anathem a real struggle.

            I'm much more a mathematician than a computer geek, I guess (though I'd never claim to be a mathematician).

      2/3 of the way through The Shadow Rising for about the 11th time. I have to be really careful with the book as I bought it new about 1993 and the glue is now getting very fragile. I have no hope of finishing the series before the Land of Madmen Con (Wheel of Time Con in Sydney in September) but if they repeat it next year I'll be in like Flynn.

        My copy of that fell apart on me ages ago from too many reads. Only have 1-2 and 6+ now.

        Kind of sad to think that the series is done and dusted and there will never be more written, especially when the Sanderson books were so good. Basically reminded me what I liked about the series to begin with. Also the tantalizing bits of detail from the Age of Legends he worked in were fascinating. I'd totally read a spinoff prequel series.

        Whatever happened to the WoT game Obsidian was supposed to be working on?

          Dunno. I played a text-only MUD game back in 1995, an Unreal engine game demo version in ~2000 or so and heard about an MMO (but never saw or played it). I'd be over the moon if there were a movie (let's face it, there'd have to be at least one for each book) or a GoT-like television series. I think the latter is looking more likely as long as greed doesn't continue to get in the way.

          I like the two Sanderson books I've read (been saving the last book for years now) but in my view he doesn't hold a candle to RJ (not that anyone really could). RJ just had this way of getting inside the heads of the various protagonists and using the multiple POV to 'flesh out' the characters a bit more, letting the reader in on how they are seen by others. Some of my favourite parts are RJ's treatment of Lan, whom you never really get a POV from in the series (maybe in the prologue?) and some descriptions of Rand such as where Mat is watching him leap about and Imre Stand when he's learning the spear from Rhuarc, or where Rand refers to himself as 'turning into a randy goat'. Sanderson is good, but different style and all that.

            Jordan was an okay writer but he got so easily bogged down in that characterization that everything ground to a halt. He'd sort of gotten it back on track somewhat before he died but if he'd continued to be as on-point with his writing as he was for the first 4-5 books, then I think that 6-9 would have been a single novel.

            Sanderson's style is different. He focuses on stuff happening rather than people thinking about it. So the final book is straight up excellent cover to cover and has one of the most surprisingly satisfying conclusions you' could ask for. I went in expecting to be disappointed at the end - how could it live up to the hype, I'd been reading the books since the 90s - but I was blown away by how good the end is.

            There were a ton of WoT-themed MUDs back in the day. I lost a good chunk of time between the age of 12 and around 15 playing MUDs all night. Was online playing for so long that our dialup provider warned they'd disconnect us for excess usage if we didn't cool off. Dad responded by moving us to another provider. I played on a few but the one I spent the most time was called IIRC The Creator's Shadow.

            There was an 'official' WoT game way back. Unreal engine shooter, of all things. They got a few things working well (I thought they rendered Shadar Logoth very well) but the story was complete tripe that showed the design team had probably started with some other thing and twisted the franchise over that. Had some utterly nonsensical things, like had you playing an Amyrlin Seat who could barely channel, or playing a Whitecloak general that didn't have any aversion to using angreal to throw around magic all over the place. And apparently ter'angreal were mass produced in about ten different forms that coincidentally were usable by anyone and could chuck fireballs or call lightning in. Also how about the monsters that take several shots of Balefire to kill? :|

            Obsidian working on Wheel of Time sounded amazing but it's just never eventuated. Somehow some shitty holding companies have gotten the TV and Games rights for the franchise and are intent on squandering them. :(

      I haven't read a book in a while. Haven't felt like it. Intend to start reading some visual novels now that I have The Witcher out of the way though.

      I have been reading a bunch of random manga in Japanese though, trying to learn to read it by doing it. Slowly picking up words as a result. Most of the time I skip over the characters I don't know but the good thing with manga is that a lot of the time you can follow what's happening without being able to read everything, just miss the details.

      Once I move, one of my first things to do when I'm settled is to find a proper tutor and start formally learning again. I had decided to do so while I was in Japan (I felt like I was on the verge of some kind of the-world-turns-into-matrix-code style epiphany while I was there, like understanding was just out of reach) but then everything went to shit when I got back :(

        Yeah, you tend to get reasonably sharp during immersion in a language. I could make out the gist of a lot of newspapers in Chile

      Just about to start 'Why the West rules the world' again, I started with about 3 chapters and then started reading Console Wars.

        Why the West rules the world

        Colonialism and slavery.

        See, that doesn't need a whole book!

          There's interesting explorations of stuff though :P like those decisions that could have gone either way, like the Opium War and the like. I do recommend it!

            Who's the Author? I read Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World by Niall Ferguson, and I found it absurd how much it was tied up in colonial apologetics.

              An English Historian named Ian Morris. There's a little bit on colonialism but it covers stuff like the great African migration, the Agricultural revolution, etc. It's actually called 'Why the West Rules: For Now'.

                Hmm, I'll keep an eye out. My book pile is ever increasing though. I'd actually ordered a history of Saladin and the crusades from the library on an inter-library loan a while back but didn't even pick it up, so behind I was in my reading.

                And I'm 2 books behind my reading target atm!

                  I'm the same :S

                  For me it's games or books. No por que no los dos \(`0´)/

                  @highperformance I've had a couple linger around for longer than I'd anticipated- The Buried Giant and The Three Body Problem both took me much longer than I'd anticipated. I've got a couple on my list I should just polish off- Neal Stephenson's collection, The Song of Roland chief among them.

    I started playing Dragonball Xenoverse on the weekend (after watching @freezespreston's brother play it). Don't worry everyone, the universe will be saved by Freeza's distant relative from Space Australia; Esky!

      So many people have it on PC these days...I don't even think I can count so high.

      Five, I think.

        I want to get it but probably on Xbox One. However, I feel like if I ever want to paly it online, the longevity will be on PC.

        I'll probably dither on this until it's 28 cents in a steam sale two years from now, play it for 15 minutes then promise myself I'll get back to it when I have more time.

      Trying to git gud on this game sometimes is a grind, do ALL of the sidequests and train with different people and you'll be the strongest fighter in the whole Xenoverse!
      *Goku style thumbs up*

    Bloody hell this studying for my full license is getting difficult to focus on, first it was witcher 3 that consumed 2 weeks, now I've got a job interview to prepare for on Thursday, in 2 weeks Shadowrun Hong Kong is out and I've just read that Stasis is out on the 31st...

      I don't even remember what the fulls test was. I distinctly remember Ls, Reds, Greens, but...nothing after that. Which means it's probably hilariously easy.

        From what I can gather, the full test is a combination of the L's knowledge & green P's hazard, they seem not to care if you're actually good at driving which feels somewhat counterintuitive at best. I'm thinking that I might end up redoing the online ones for the knowledge & hazard until I get them right.

        The thing is if I get this job, I'll have to get qualified to drive a manual as well so that might be another test, not sure how it works exactly.

      Let's not forget XCOM 2 =O

        Yeah but that's still a few months away at least, it'll be a problem for whatever I should be doing in November. And probably December through to the next December...

        I brought this up today (unrelated to this conversation). I'm sure as hell not forgetting about XCOM 2.

      I completed Witcher 3 just the other week! Took me around 70 hours all up - glad I got the last 45-ish in with the new movement system though.

      Feels like it makes some fights too easy though because you can respond a lot more smoothly.

        I only got it a few weeks ago and haven't played anything below 1.07 so I have a feeling I got most of the good stuff. Missed a few missions that couldn't be finished but they were only small ones and the only one I was a bit annoyed to miss out on was the assassination attempt/childish prank thing with the werewolf fight

    Alex Walker starts today as the new journalist in town. He's good people that words goodly.

    Last edited 10/08/15 10:15 am

      They should have you run a board game column once a week, gives them more views, introduces people to board games and gets you more published work if you wver decide to take a journalism route in life

        I've been pestering Serrels to let me do that for about a year.

          Should we set up a petition? That might force his hand

            Have they ever worked?

            I'm a persistent sod, I'm sure I can make it happen eventually.

              This could be the first one to work, imagine that on a resume


    I leveled up my man card on the weekend - successfully changed two tap washers in the bathroom without flooding the house or breaking anything!

    Bravely Default progress remains slow although pumped a few hours in over the weekend and progressed a bit. I think I'm a bit overlevelled for the content and gear now so using some of that cushion to level some jobs... which I'm starting to realise takes a bit longer than I expected... unless someone knows a good spot to grind our job points?

      The real question is are they leaking from the rim if you leave it on?

        Nope - and thankfully my dad taught me last year (with an outside tap leaking that way) that the thin slightly rough red washer needs to be swapped if that's the issue and they seemed to be in alright condition when I checked them.

        But there was a large black rubber washer sitting between tap spindle and the cover which was falling apart... but can't for the life of me figure out what purpose it serves... plus didn't have a replacement so need to swing by Bunnings and find something similar.

        Assumptive question - do you know what the large black washers are meant to do?

          I believe those are to stop waterleaking out of the tap body at the base of the tap

      Don't grind unless you're stuck, otherwise bored.

      I never did any grinding but I know @negativezero maxed all jobs.

        @sunsoar77: I leveled everyone to 99 and maxed all jobs. It's actually very easy to do. You need to do some grinding for a bit to be able to get +xp and +... JP? growth items for everyone. First job to max is the starter job (I forget the name) because the top-end one is an ability which increases the job xp you get. You want that for everyone.

        Basically there's an area you can go to near Florem where all the enemies are in packs of 5-6. With the right setup you can get a ton of xp in one go. You want to be able to use the Valkyrie's attack-everyone skill and basically brave 4 times with every character and spam that. There's a few other abilities that work too, like the sage's kill everyone weaker than you ability (that works better later on). Then you basically speed the battles up to max, set encounter rate to high, put it on auto-battle and idly spin your direction input for 2-3 hours, swapping jobs as you go, and you'll have everything maxed out.

      Hey I'm playing through BD too, just hit chapter 4, just outside of Eternia (Still haven't found He-Man) is a pretty good grinding spot, mobs of 3-6 dudes all weak to fire, you can get around 200jp and a couple thousand xp every fight (equip flametongues and use Valkyrie's Crescent moon and you'll get sweep bonus plus more xp and jp, couple that with jp boosting abilities and you'll fly through levels). I leveled a bunch of jobs up in minutes instead of hours, seems to be a big step up from any previous dudes I've fought. Disregard if past chapter 4.

        I'm level 30, first 4 jobs at level 8 (some nearly 9) and just finishing chapter 2 - so thanks for the advice. :)

        What's your FC? I'll add you to the Abilink thingo. Mines: 4184-4682-4751 (also @zambayoshi if you want to add me and vice/versa?)

      All you need is the advice given by Anonymous245678 in his/her post at

      Seriously, once you get that build going, nothing can threaten you (which makes the repeat boss battles quick and simple). The only bit of the build that takes a while to get is the Ribbon, but that doesn't stop the build from working fairly early on.

        For the last boss I used Edea as Templar/Pirate, Tiz as Ranger/Monk, Ringabel as Dark Knight/Black Mage and Agnes as Conjurer/White Mage (primary / secondary)

          I finished it in a week, the week it came out & have no idea which jobs I used anymore XD

          Yeah, dark knight is where it is at. With Tiz and Ringabel doing that monk strike that leaves them on 1HP then minus striking three times, then using tranquility to stop them from taking damage and getting their brave points back each turn, they don't care about anything except raw damage, pumping out almost 40K damage each per turn. Poor old Edea is not really needed except when enemies get the jump on you or something goes wrong and she can eat damage until the rest of the party is rezzed.

    Hey Everyone!

    Hope you all had an awesome weekend. Mine was spent catching up on some old games that I hadn't played in a while (COD:AW and a bit of GTA5). Mostly single player stuff as everyone I used to play online with seems to have stopped gaming.

    If anyone is looking for someone to play online with (PS4 or PC) let me know and I'll add. If there are any groups needing an extra man, let me know. If I dont own the game that you are all playing already, I'll purchase it. Just keen for some online multiplayer. Will start off as a noob but hopefully prove somewhat useful.

      Rocket league PS4 get in it, on it, around it, inbetween it and then around it again.

      Also not sure if new or not to TAY so welcome incase you are new and if not, well, welcome to Monday

        Rocket League...alright. I'll download it tonight!

        I'm a long time reader of TAY but new to contributing. Thanks for the welcome.

          Sweet, as for other games you'll have to ask other people if you don't mind roleplaying @redartifice runs a little game called Fiasco where fun is had by all every now and again


              Cant, Giovanni has a job interview as a cleaner and giovanni doesn't like gloves..damn finger prisons

    I'm just popping in to wish Alex Walker a great first day on the jerb at Kotaku AU. :)

    Morning all. How are we on this fine Monday morning?

      Not bad for an old humbugger who was forced to travel with Ekka attendees on the train this morning.

        That would of been horrid.

          I dunno if it was the earphones, but I was surprisingly calm

            Maybe some of the Ecca people had been smoking some greeny and that mellowed you out.

    I managed to complete Lost Dimension on the weekend, great little game.

    Somehow a game with super average character design, super average plot, super average gameplay...let's just say somehow super average every thing adds up to a whole portal fun.

    I'm already well into NG+ and aside from getting a bum steer from a guide that got it all wrong, I'm really enjoying it. Can't put it down.

    Also over the weekend I was driven by Mr & Mrs Hellscream to see Mr & Mrs Freeze + spawnlings. Also Nobs was there.

    How's you!? Yes! YOU!!

    Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was busier than a bee in spring i tell ya hawhat

    Cathryn had been in geelong for half the week seeing friends so Friday was finish off Blue Exorcist and get some Rocket League in night.

    Saturday I watch a few live streams of RTX in the morning then had to go to the local football club to run the bar for their function they had on, they had Dave O'Neil perform which was pretty hilarious, after that I had to get into the city to catch a Vline train to Geelong to go see Cathryn and her friends, I forgot the footy was on in Geelong so the train was stupidely packed. We got Thai food for dinner played a shit tonne of uno then shit hit the fan (spoilers for those who don't want to hear the shit)
    Pretty much Cathryn's friend was getting angry because she kept losing in uno and her dog kept trying to hump cathryn which was annoying Cathryn as they weren't doing anything to stop it. When the dog finally settled down the girl and her boyfriend started yelling at the dog while it was sleeping because apparently the dog pisses itself while sleeping and cathryn said its asleep its fine don't wake him and the girl cracked it telling Cathryn its their dog and they have a plan in place so don't tell us how to look after our dog and cathryn said fine whatever which pushed the girl over the edge and made her flip the coffee table which had plates, cutlery, glasses, phones and the uno cards which set off a screaming match between Cathryn and the girl so we ended up leaving geelong at 2am and drove to doncaster and slept there

    Sunday we had Cathryn's Poppy's birthday lunch at China Bar ALL the fried rice and sweets and lemon chicken and dim sims and custard balls and pork balls *droools* after that we went to look around the shops then went home and watched netflix and thats the end.

    A monday morning pop question when has someone gotten so angry they've flipped something and stormed off?

      Oh man, if I'd been there I would have been giggling insanely while this argument was brewing - I love watching people make asses of themselves, especially over stuff that is pretty minor in the scheme of things :-)

      As for me, I once got so angry I picked up a coffee table and threw it onto the ground, which took a small chip out of a stone floor tile. I also slammed a door so hard it broke, then went full Hulk and ripped part of the door off and started waving it around. Then there's the minor stuff, like punching a wardrobe door and putting my fist through it. I was an angry young man... Now I'm a snarky (yet mellow) middle-aged man! :-)

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