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    Batguy and Cookingmama arrive at the scene of another crime.

    Batguy: Serrels has been murdered! Who could have done such a thing?

    Cookingmama puts on a pair of sunglasses.

    Cookingmama: ...I don't know.



    A villainous RedArtifice claps his hands in delight. He wraps one arm around the shoulder of a very unsettled DC.

    Red: We're going to play a little game. You get to decide who lives...

    He inches closer to DC's face.

    Red: And who dies!


    CJ is walking to his mailbox. Up the street, a car is speeding towards him. Pants sticks his head out the window, desperately trying to get CJ's attention.

    Pants: CJ, stop! It's rigged to e-

    Blissfully unaware, CJ opens his mailbox, which explodes in a spectacular fashion.


    Batguy and Cookingmama are driving. A mobile rings, Cookingmama answers.

    Cookingmama: What've you got for me?

    On the other end of the line is Kermitron, inspecting some test tubes with a magnifying glass.

    Kermitron: We've figured it out. All of the evidence points to -

    He is beaten over the head by a mysterious figure. The call drops.


    At a gallery display for quilts, TAYbies admire the TAY Quilt, which at long last has been completed. Strange mingles with the guests, champagne flute in hand.

    Beavwa: You simply must tell us, Lady Strange, what is this marvellous creation made from?

    Strange: Human skin.

    There is a long silence. Then everybody begins laughing.

    Beavwa: Oh, most splendid! You have such wonderful humour!

    Strange walks away from the gathering, into the shadows. Of course. She crushes the champagne flute in her hand.

    Strange: Yes. Humour.


    A grief-stricken Nobs is beating the life out of Shane.

    Shane: I told you, I don’t know where Freeze is!

    Nobs: WHERE IS HE


    Rize plays the flute in a jazz ense-

    Cookingmama and Batguy burst through the doors, guns raised.

    Batguy: It all ends here, Rize! We know you were the one who killed Serrels.

    Rize hurls his flute through the air like a javelin. It sails past Batguy, cuts across Cookingmama's cheek, and embeds itself in the wall behind them. Both begin shooting. Rize runs across the room, dives headfirst through a window, and the chase is on.


    Cakesmith cradles the body of a severely wounded ShiggyNinty.

    Cakesmith: Shiggy! Shiggy no! Speak to me!

    Shiggy coughs up a lot of, like seriously a lot of blood you guys.

    Shiggy: Remember...the bacon...




    Powalen and Greenius are in the middle of a standoff in the kitchen, pointing unreasonably large guns at each other. The tension is high, when...

    A door slams nearby. Startled, both fire their guns rapidly. There is shouting and people crying out in pain. But you don't see any of that, because the camera has decided to follow Pants, who has just walked back into his apartment and, wearing headphones, can't hear a single thing that's going on. Eventually he walks into the kitchen, where his friends have been reduced to bloody messes.

    Pants: ...I mopped the floors this morning.


    Batguy and Cookingmama have arrested Rize!

    Batguy: Finally, the spirit of Serrels can climb the great rocks in the sky.

    They look out to sea. A faded image of the Serrels Stare is cast over the waters as a Taylor Swift song (I don’t know any sorry) plays over the credits.


      Play a game?

      We're playing Carcassonne for high stakes, right?

      Rize IS the jazz ensemble!

    Morning. The only significant thing I did gaming wise this weekend was scout my house for any unclaimed Club Nintendo game codes. I knew there'd be a few that I hadn't bothered to input, because of the whole annoying survey anyway, and an hour later, my stars count went from 1700 to 5000! No, it's not quite over 9000 but now begins the waiting game until closure. Come on, exclusives!

      We can still input them? Sweet, I've got a ton of them.

    Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was blissfully unaware that it was a thing. Saturday I played Rocket League and questioned the new update as I was struggling to play and everyone else felt like they were on the soccer car equivalent of aimbots because god damn they were scoring from anywhere! That night I watched the gallows (would not watch again)

    Sunday I went to the shops to browse with cathryn, looked at some board games, brought a cooking book. That day we celebrated my dads birthday with slow cooked red thai beef curry, butter chicken, crumbed chicken and roasted potatoes. We also had mars bar and malteaser slice for dessert. I also played the demo for Citizens of earth (A fun little game on the 3ds) and DBZ extreme botuden (its alright but will wait for the full game)

    A morning question, whats your go to birthday dish when someone askes you what you want for your birthday dinner?

      My ideal birthday meal:

      Roast lamb
      Diced potatoes baked in oil
      Cheesecake dessert

        Who doesn't love a good roast do you herb the potatos? I use abit of oregano and garlic oil

          Nah, not usually. Just crispy oily potatoes!

      I really have no idea for the dinner part, but it would have to be really thick rich mudcake for dessert

        Cheesecake factory, that white chocolate cake whos name I forget

      Curry also. Probably Beef Madras with naan.

      Fuck I love curry.

        My man! Nothing like a madras or a korma in winter to warm you up. You had pad kaprow? Its thai, spicy basil and something so good, have it with hokkein noodles forget about it, its like putting your mouth to sleep in a feather blanket

        Curry is the blurst.

          GET OUT

          NO DON'T ARGUE

          GET OUT

            Oops, I thought that blurst was a synonym for 'best.' Upon researching it, I have made the horrifying discovery that it is an antonym for best.

            FORGIVE ME

            I LOVE CURRY

            IT'S SO CURRY-TASTIC

              ...I'll let you off easy this time.

              BUT I'M WATCHING YOU BOY

      A good cut of steak char-grilled to medium-rare with a side of green beans and mash.

      I can never get it right at home so will happily pay the $60+ asking price a good steakhouse wants to get it right.

        Never spent that much on a steak I just try my darndest to make it myself, i bet those fancy steaks are amazing

      My Nanna does a mean rabbit stew. Forget birthdays, this is one meal I'd be more than happy to have as my last.

      Last edited 17/08/15 9:58 am

        Never had rabbit stew is it any good?

          Brilliant. I don't know the specifics but it looks exactly like the one in the video below. The best part is that you don't have to eat the rabbit (many people can't bring themselves to feast on Miffy - my wife included) the dish that consists of the pasta, peas and tomato/wine sauce that the hare has been soaked in is simply incredible.


      Roast pork with roast potatoes, carrots and pumpkin. Dessert is either the trifle or ginger fluff sponge cake that my Nana makes. And being her, both will probably be on offer as well as some kind of fruit salad and/or chocolate pudding. Mmmm, pudding.

      So, basically dinner at my grandparents place.

        Mmmm pudding, grandparents dinners are almost always the best

      Pave de boef medium cuisson with a red wine glaze and roquefort sauce, accompanied by gratin dauphinois and fresh baby green beans, with a cheeky Chateau La Tour Figeac to wash it down.

      Dessert is a Saint Honore cake from Pattisons:

        This is the fanciest guy on TAY right now, everyone else needs to lift their game around this

          It doesn't count, because he just made that stuff up. *nods*

          I'm also a shameless francophile, so that probably counts against me :-P

            You like to touch James Franco? Thats sick

              Nah, it's worse than that...



        Five Spices in Hunters Hill has a beautiful beef massaman curry that has a pastry lid on it in a tagine shape. It's to die for and not terribly expensive.

        Something like this:

      A good steak I guess. Honestly there's a ton of different things I like and it would be hard to pick just one thing, depends on the mood I'm in.

    Morning all, how is everyone.
    My holiday away was nice. except for the part that wasn't.

    Tuesday we went to Bowral, looked at a couple of wineries (omnomnomnom) and had dinner at a very nice restaurant. Seriously if you find yourself out that way try Biota, they did some very nice food.

    Wednesday was More wineries, and some cider and Mead tasting. followed by a drive to Batemans bay via Braidwood. at 2pm just outside of Braidwood it was 2 degree celsius.
    Wednesday afternoon we went for a walk along the beach after we got to Batemans Bay. I clocked up my 10,000 steps from that walk alone. was very nice despite being cold.

    Thursday was the highlight: we went to Mogo Zoo. It was a lovely day. I fed a Girraffe and walked some dingoes and even got some dingo kisses! Also saw a Tiger walk face first into a tree. best day ever.

    Friday we meandered our way up the coast to Nowra, stopping acouple of times, once for a small bush walk the second for a look at Jervis Bay. Then more wineries!
    ( we definitely bought too much wine)

    Saturday was the downer. got a call to go over to Wangaratta. it was not a good day, but at least I got to say goodbye to my Grandpa before he died. we then came home yesterday.

    So all in all it was a pretty weird week. I don't know how I feel right now. just trying to keep busy and working away as much as I can.

      That's a pretty full on week. Sorry that you had such a sad end to it.

        it was the most relaxed I've been in a while. I had a really good time :)

          Looking forward to boardgames + wine at your place ;)

            yes that will have to become a thing now :D


                because it's only just become a thing. now that I have Multitudes of wine. :p

                  If you would like to join us, you should move back to sydney :P

                  Fairly sure I'm locked into living in Canberra for a while now.

      Yay for the first part.

      All of the hugs for the last part.

        thanks mate. Just have to help the family through it all now.

    I made crepes with mandarin zest in place of lemon, played a whole lot of splatoon, built a display case out of Ikea shelves and some lovely oak, and downloaded a remarkable ticking watch face for my pebble time.

    I meant to go see the man from UNCLE, we'll be seeing that this week. Anyone caught it yet?

      Here's something that goes REALLY well with mandarin crepes:

      ...or just on ice, or mixed with a nice dry sparkling white.

    I'm trying to get into the current generation of consoles, and I've decided to jump for an Xbone - prompted mostly by the fact that my Rock Band DLC is all on my 360 account. Still, I'm not really blown away by any of the JB or EB bundles for the 1 TB.

    Does anyone know someone else who offers bundles or who might be cheaper on the 1 TB machine? Target and Big W don't seem to have had anything lately.

      The bundles out there at the moment aren't amazing. You could also try the Microsoft Store (have nothing much at the moment but sometimes have good bundle deals) and Dick Smith online.

        Ta, dude - I'll keep an eye out. If there's nothing good by next month I'll probably pick up the Forza version because... well... because blue. But thanks for the tips.

    Hey TAY. I spent a large portion of my Saturday playing Splatoon, getting a lot of time in the new Rainmaker game mode (for the record this mode is greeaaaaaaaat). On Sunday my sister, who recently came home from 2 years in America, and I visited my cousins, where we proceed to eat a lot, and also a lot of ice cream. Fast forward a few hours, and we're at her boyfriend's place, eating more ice cream. I ate 5 different flavours of ice cream yesterday. No regrets.

      What flavours. WHAT FLAVOURS!?

        The ice creams were:
        Peters Drumstick mini vanilla
        Connoisseur Cookies and Cream
        Connoisseur Belgian Chocolate
        Connoisseur Derwent Valley Raspberry & White Chocolate
        And a Coles-brand vanilla which I am counting as a different flavour to the other vanilla, because frankly the Drumsticks aren't really just vanilla.

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    Hola Tayberinos

    My weekend was OK, I guess

    Friday, did some more work on my pip-boy, I've completed the main body but before I do anything else I'm going to break and work out the wrist cuff in cardboard because I think it'll be fiddly. @scree this might be the bit I get foam glue for.

    Saturday, went to a family thing. My mother's 90 year old uncle and aunt were over to see my pop, so we had a get-together there. Parents are on their way to Victoria so had the car packed up with the dog, who really, really needs to stop jumping on people, bowled over one of my cousin's two year olds. Lucky no real hurt, and the dog was just trying to be friendly, but yeah more training needed.

    I've mentioned here my pop is undergoing chemo atm, and the relationship between my mother and aunt and my pop's wife (Whom I'll call Margaret, because that's her name) is fraught. Apparently during the week it blew up, which is fuuuuuun. Apparently Margaret accused my mother of trying to exclude her and pop from family things, which is frankly untrue, and dredged up a whole bunch of paranoid shit. So that's fun, especially when I kinda want to see my grandfather, y'know? Hopefully they resolve it, but it's really saddening. Ergh.

    Sunday, I stayed in and played Dragon Age, which I'm really enjoying. Must get back into the Witcher at some point, and pass Bloodborne, but fuck everything about Martyr Logarius.

    A Monday Morning Question: Dragon Age lets you play essentially fighter, rogue or wizard. Which are you in real life?

      There's no 'boring, lethargic, unmotivated white collar' option?

      I'm a wizard, Harr- er, Red. I even have scrolls and tomes of knowledge and lore so I'm pretty sure I'm qualified.

      Best of luck on the pipboy!

      I'm a fighter who likes to cast spells!......... So yeah I'll just point my sword at people and make laser noises.

      Last edited 17/08/15 10:56 am

      Fighter all the way im in the thick of it as nothing feels better than punching someone in the face..or so video games tell me

      Wizard onward to Arcane warrior as while punching someone in the face sounds cool... punching someone in the face with a flaming fist is just better in every way.
      Also mainly cuz I use my mind to solve a lot of the problems I face rather than my fists :)

      Last edited 17/08/15 11:15 am

      Probably a rogue. I'm small, quiet, observant, independent, avoid head on confrontation and enjoy neither academia nor working out.

      Hmm, a little bit of everything... I'm big, strong and enjoy hitting things, I'm generally a persuasive and occasionally manipulative talker with an interest in lockpicking (at least I will be when I can afford to buy a set) and I find myself drawn to esoteric knowledge and I'd never ever say no to 'crossing the line man was not meant to cross'.

      When I read that back, it sounds like I'm going to be the one to start the zombie apocalypse, then break into your house and beat you up so I can hide there...

      I'm a wizard pretending to be a bard whilst being a particularly ineffectual wizard :-)

      I'm a fighter, in the thick of it center of attention stuff.

      Sorry to hear about your pa's situation tearing up like that again too man.

    I don't like starting Monday with a rant but after seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson last night with Transient and Freeze I was asked how my weekend was and excitedly said I went. A colleague genuinely asked if I went as part of some Uni requirement or just to go - before I could reply someone else jumps in with a "because he's a *cough*nerd*cough*" followed by a round of laughter.

    I just stood there dumbfounded and the first thing that bounces through my head is the words Neil said last night - without people being scientifically literate we're starting the sequence of events that leads to the bankrupting of our nation. I can't help but think it's attitudes like that the drive people away from science and other STEM disciplines.

    What shits me is that I was really looking forward to sharing some of the more interesting moments from last night with my work colleagues because I want to share some of the enthusiasm with them... This morning has made me realise there's very little point.

    PS. The young 8 year old girl who got up on stage with Neil and brought along a basic Lego solar system she'd cobbled together was awesome. I can't wait for my kids to be that interested in science!

      Aw man, that sucks. Sorry to hear :(

      yeah people are idiots. I'm glad I work in an IT department, because most IT departments are full of nerds who get it. but yeah sorry to hear you have to put up with that.

      Surely people can't still be down on "nerds", right? Not in a world of high speed WiFi, YouTube, electric cars, the higgs boson, and seeing the echo of the big bang.

      We can see mountains on Pluto, and Brian May helped! He's a nerd!

      Anti-science is holding back the entirety of civilisation, it's abhorrent that any individual should want to get in the way of that.

        Great point. I'd say the ones calling nerd are the ones getting left behind real quick.

        Last edited 17/08/15 9:59 am

          I imagine they're the type of people who try to keep up with the kardashians. I would much rather be a nerd.

          They pointed out last night that only about 10% of high school children in Australia are pursuing STEM careers at the moment. Exact words Tyson used were "Your country has no future".

            Ouch. Tbh, my dad and I probably would have loved seeing that show.

            The STEM issue is broader than that- we're really, really bad at commercialising research and science based employment.

            FWIW, this is a recognised issue- I've been involved with several initiatives that are trying to get STEM enrolment up, but it's really bloody hard when there's few jobs and therefore little visibility of working scientists. Hell, the above is one of the reasons I'm not working in a science career: When I got out of uni, there were very, very few roles open.

              That seems at odds to a statement last night that job growth in the associated industries is growing faster than any other in Australia?

              Granted I think a large chunk of that may be in the technology (IT, development, systems etc) rather than science, maths or engineering.

                ICT and Engineering is growing. Research in the private sector is sluggish, and science outside of medicine is really slow

                One of the big effects of the GFC was a LOT of companies cut R&D budgets first. Australia also has incredibly low levels of venture capital, which funds a lot of private research and commercialisation in the US.

            Last night got me scared at several stages... Mostly the whole insignificance piece.

            That line though - was viscerally scary - it's our lives and our kids futures that are being jeopardised. Where the hell will Australia be in 40 years when there is nothing left to dig out of the ground and no-one educated enough to keep up with the India's, China's and South Korea's of the world?

            You're WRONG! We have coal! \o/ Suck on that Neil deGrasse Tyson; coal is the future!

              CLEAN COAL! \o/

                Don't forget, coal is beautiful, unlike those horrible ugly wind farms.

                  Don't forget dangerous! Extremely dangerous wind farms!

      Share your highlights here! I was listening to him on the radio the other day, and he's just fascinating to listen to!

      (although if I had to choose between Neil de Grasse Tyson and Brian Cox, I'd pick Professor Brian every time *swoon*)

      Your experience is exactly why I keep my nerdyness at work under wraps; there's still a stigma attached to the word and I imagine it isn't going to go away anytime soon until the generations that used the word derogatively die off.

        I just wear it as a badge tbh, it's cuz I'm a nerd that I'm a known legend in my role with how well I can fix issues and how quickly I do so.
        I've stopped giving a shit about comments like that many years ago, they're just jealous of your mind's power

        Last edited 17/08/15 11:02 am

          It really depends on your career environment tbh; if I spoke to HR reps when looking for work or even my supervisor showing off my nerd knowledge it would actually act as a detriment to my career prospects long term making me less relatable than the generic alpha male douchebag I get to share my day with.

        That's still a problem though.

        Every newly born person has a small probability to be the brain which solves a societal problem, and society should, in its own best interest, afford that brain every opportunity to achieve that potential.

        That means education without misdirection (intelligent design, bullying, etc), and the availability of professional pursuit.

        People in society who oppress the scientific are also bound to be parents, and possibly of potential scientists. But with parents like that, the chances of achievement are massively reduced.

        This is why we can't just wait; we need everyone on board as soon as possible to maximise our global potential. We need to lift ccountries with poor education because it WILL benefit us all.

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    Urg. So much adult. When do I get to sleep?

    Weekend disappeared somewhere in a miasma of dog kennels, puppy training and yard work. Then spent a few hours Sunday night staring at a word document to try to figure out how to make it something more 'creative' for my work's annual review.
    Now have a flat pack kennel to put together at night during the week whenever I manage to get away from work.
    So, uhhh, fun. I've been a bit quiet lately because so much stuffs and things and misc and other has all just caught up.
    How's everyone else going?


        I apologise for my absence and silence since returning from holidays. I think I need to report my spare time as missing, presumed dead.

        Haven't done any socialisation for puppy with other dogs yet. Training is all about ignoring other dogs and paying attention to owners, it seems. We should plan something for the dogs to all meet once I've got a better idea what Siegmeyer is like with other dogs.

          Sid is a good first start because he is tolerant of puppies. The only puppy he put down (sounds bad but I'll explain) was one that had been jumping on him for half an hour and not reading his "leave me alone" signs. He grabbed the puppy by the loose skins of the neck, pushed it to the floor and then let go. That's at the park when there is ball though. =P
          Okay, so I just really wanna meet the puppy! =P

          A dog meat is in the works of being organised. I just need to decide when. Thinking perhaps in November after Pax.

          As for absence, I just assumed you were fed up with me =P But Mum and I are saving up for me to have some lessons and go for my license

      Is it a shiny? The puppy that is =P

        He's our special little one of a kind puppy.
        Just like every other puppy
        Shiny in our eyes anyway.

          I want pictures and details D=

      *takes note of no mention of SMTIV*
      *disgusted look*

        something more 'creative'

        I downloaded it... That's a start. It's also the first (and probably only) downloadable full game bought on 3DS for me.

          Same, although I'm thinking about Boobs of Princess, I mean, Code of Boobs, I mean, Metallic Bikini Princess Boobs, I mean...

            Don't do it.

            Seriously, don't. Code of Princess is crap. If you want a boobie game then save your pennies and get Senran Kagura 2 in a few months.

              Nah, I wanted walk along beat em up. I just finished* Dragons Crown this morning.

              *I got an ending & credits rolled, then they said we raised the level cap , do it all again on hard with 2 extra levels & it's obvious they'll ask I do it a third time on extra hard :-/

              Are you much into walk along beat em ups? Were you a Streets of Rage or Final Fight fan?

                Senran Kagura 2 is basically a side-scrolling a beat em up. And yes, I was a Sega kid so I played Streets of Rage. But the peak of that genre is still Turtles in Time on SNES I think. Or maybe the two D&D games that Kamitani worked on that inspired Dragon's Crown.

                  I love TiT but think SoR2 is my personal fave.

                  Both have amazing soundtracks.

                  I only played those two DnD ones recently & wasn't impressed. Pity I missed out back in the day :-/

    My weekend was filled with looking after people with active imaginations. Saturday was looking after tiny toddlers and assembling a bed with my Dad so that the youngest can move out of his cot. They're still tiny and kind of annoying in that small child way but they weren't too bad this weekend.

    Sunday was RPG day and filled with 40K Chaos and heresy. The group had captured an astropath and sent a message to a group of traders that they might be willing to share some stuff. The traders turned out to be Dark Mechanicus and the group had the bright idea of trying to steal their ship. Needless to say, they haven't completely succeeded so far as they've boarded the vessel after fighting through Skitarii and Murder Servitors and getting pretty beaten up. Next time will tell if they manage to actually capture a ship filled with Dark Mechanicus goodies.

    I'm pretty sure Bungie hates my wife. I tried running Vault of Glass twice on her account. First run: Praedyth's Revenge and Corrective Measure. Both decent weapons, but not the Atheon's Epilogue she was after. Second run: nothing but ascendant materials. Literally nothing. Not an exotic drop, not a ship or a piece of armor. Just diddly squat.

      Bungie hates everyone who plays Destiny; their ideal player base is a population middle class masochists. I mean I'd have to assume that given how they've designed the game.

      Two Crota runs in the last 2 weeks. I got shards in almost every drop. The one drop that wasn't was energy. No weapons, no armour.

      *shakes fist at RNG*

    So, has anybody ever felt like they were left behind? Like, everybody else always grew up faster and you were playing catchup. Not just in terms of careers but also in independance. There are times where I've felt like I've always been lagging behind the rest of the world.

    But then I remember one of my friends. A guy in his early 30s who has no friggen idea how to be an adult. He spent the last 11 years living with his girlfriend (who is a friend of mine from highschool) where they pretty much did all the work of being an adult.

    So those two officially broke up several months ago and he moved in to another friends house. Since then it's became apparent that he has no idea how to adult. To the point that he was kicked out of the house. It wasn't even a landlord problem, he has no idea how to clean, cook, or even pay bills.

    Cleaning is very simple, especially if all you do is pick up after yourself. You don't have to wipe down all the time, just wash your dishes if they pile up.

    Cooking is different, because of someones upbringing. But he started posting pictures of very simple meals that he was 'proud' of making. Even though we learned to make those meals in our teenage years.

    Paying bills is the most baffling. He's a bouncer, so he works on weekends and gets paid pretty well. But apparently he always have trouble paying his bills, even rent. He was making more than I was when I was working a week, now on Centrelink I can still pay rent and my bills. But this guy always has an empty account? How? He never buys anything, he doesn't own a car, he doesn't even play games or own a console/PC. We have no idea where his money goes if he can't pay his rent.

      I lived with a guy from a rich family that had no idea how to clean & would blow his paycheck before paying bills.

      I was always a year younger than my peers as a result of skipping an early primary school grade, but it just meant I was left out of most social outings at 14 and 17 years of age. So I only ever felt left behind at those times. I moved out of my parent's home at 21, learned to be independent, renting for around three or four years before buying my first house.

        I think my point is, there's those of us who take the jump and learn along the way, and then there's those that put off everything and then struggle to adapt? I don't know, I've never been on that second side so I'm just guessing.

          Sometimes you have no choice. I've always had trouble finding a place to live and my current place is the only one I have any credit as I can't and refuse to use some of my previous locations (the landlord for one place was terrible and would only say negative things out of spite).

      For as long as I can remember I've always wanted my own place and to live on my own, needless to say when I finally got my own place after uni I spent the next year figuring out how to cook/clean and manage my bills. While I didn't have any savings left that year the lessons I learned with regards to being independent were invaluable because at the end of the day independence comes at the cost of responsibility.

      I can safely assume though that since most of my friends still live with their parents there aren't too many of them who would've had my set of experiences so I think it would be safe to say it's quite systemic to my generation, they're just going to have to learn the hard way in 5-10 years. From the sounds of things your friend just needs time by himself (i.e. get his own place instead of flat sharing cos he'll just palm off the responsibility then) before he figures out how to manage his finances and realizes shit doesn't get cleaned if you don't scrub it yourself.

        The problem is that since he's lived with his girlfriend for 11 years he has no rental history or references. Who's going to let him rent when he has no proof that he wouldn't destroy the place? (even though that's kinda true)

          Wait he lived with his girlfriend and they weren't on the lease together? He's going to need a referral letter from his ex; or contact the real estate agent and confirm they lived together and that the place was in good condition when they left. RE Agents can do an informal letter like that even if the other person wasn't on the lease.

          Edit: Also rental history is usually the cherry on the pie really; it's more important that he can show consistent income and can get a referral from his employer. He can explain away the lack of real estate referrals but provide a contact for the agent his ex used to rent from.

          Last edited 17/08/15 11:09 am

            Well, she still lives with her parents.

            and the place isn't exactly in 'good' condition.

              Wait what? Let me get this straight; this is a grown ass man who was living with his girlfriend who was living with her parents?! Yeah ok; I wouldn't want either of those two as tenants.

                Well she's fine. She's just always had trouble saving money since he was always 'borrowing'.

                  From a rental perspective (depending on the market really and I'm talking from Sydney) if you've hit your 30s with 0 rental history and are looking for a place by yourself that's a high risk tenant. If you're female the risk is mitigated and if you're a couple or a family the risk is pretty much non-existent. I also dont understand how either of them had any significant expenses and couldn't save if they were both living at her parents place.... If anything they should have had a deposit for their own place 4-5 years in (not that I would recommend purchasing in the current market; this shits crazy yo!).

                  Edit: He'll need to settle for a studio apartment for at least 6 months and use that to build rental history; it's called growing up and owning your damned responsibilities. If you don't have rental history because of the choices you made in the past; time to make some new ones for the future so that you do get some rental history which you can use to catapult into a much better place.

                  Last edited 17/08/15 11:21 am

                Thing is, they were saving up to buy their own place. They were talking about it for years. But like I said, he really has no idea on budgeting.

                Also they took some time off to do studying.

                Last edited 17/08/15 11:23 am

                  To be fair neo I know couples who've put together deposits in a much shorter time-frame while renting. Personally I don't believe in buying your own home until you're damn well and truly ready (i.e. 20-30% deposit with cashflow to pay it down in 5-10 years). Your friend needs a shot of reality and while I realize you guys are going to want to help him it sounds like he's been bubbled for a good portion of his adult life. He needs to take a leap into reality and learn to manage his finances/personal hygiene/lifestyle expenses and he can't expect to be bailed out or have someone cover for him.

      I feel that way sometimes about myself. I didn't move out of home until right before I turned 31 last year. I'd wanted to for a while but had basically been in a financial position where I'd been supporting my Mum for a long time (parents effectively separated as Dad lives & works overseas). Moving to the US in a month or so and it's freaking me out because I won't have anyone to fall back on if I actually do need help with anything, so a bit of a sink or swim thing.

      I can actually cook though if I decide to, I'm just lazy and cooking for just one is tricky and can get expensive if you're not really careful.

      So, has anybody ever felt like they were left behind? Like, everybody else always grew up faster and you were playing catchup. Not just in terms of careers but also in independance. There are times where I've felt like I've always been lagging behind the rest of the world.Ha. Only constantly :P

    Morning tay and peeps and stuff!
    Hope you're all well!
    My weekend was a blur of working out, fiery pain(turns out I should actually get, you know, proper clothing, prior to going for a run lest my inner thighs turn into fiery pits of hell due to chafing :-P)
    And playing vidya gaems!
    So, good weekend all up

      Kmart has some cheap but decent workout clothes. Try there.

      Aldi have a bunch of great workout clothes right now! They have men's compression shorts at the moment for about $20 which will definitely save you from chafing (but you can wear them under running shorts)

        Ooooohhhh didn't even think of Aldi, thanks!

          They were in Saturday's sale, so some of the sizes might be running out depending on the store, but my local one had heaps of stuff. I picked up some extra socks.

        Bah, you eastern staters and your "aldi"


          Coming soon!

            yeah, I just googled that, looks like they're gonna all be in the north or down south. Couple up your way by the looks of things

    Guys, guise, guhz, I get me first real Platinum Trophy on the weekend, for Lost Dimension :D



      I think I have three
      Mass Effect 2
      Borderlands 1
      Saints Row 3

        Only two for me

        Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4)
        Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PC)

        I've got a few (if you count Xbox equivalents as well)

        Dark Souls (360)
        Dark Souls 2 (360)
        Shadow of Mordor
        Rocket League
        Beyond Two Souls
        (The Walking Dead Season One, but this one is automatic upon completing the game once, and probably shouldn't count)

          Yeah, I have 1 for Walking Dead too.

        Dark Souls
        Diablo 3
        Dante's Inferno
        Infamous: Second Son

        Also got 100% in Wonderboy in Monster World but there's no platinum for that one.

      I have one.
      Heavy Rain.

        I'm so sorry.

          There's a lot of trophies that all route through the 'reveal' childhood sequence. Missus got sick of it by about halfway through.
          I've had to hold off any further David Cage games for a few years because of that grind.

            I'm holding off any David Cage games because they're David Cage games.

              He's a dick, but his games are fuuuuun

      I wanted my first platinum trophy to be metal gear rising, but then I saw there's DLC locked ones and if they end up counting, I'll cry.

        Yeah I gpt the platinum trophy in Rocket League then they added the DLC so now im platinumed at 86%

      Does collecting all achievements for a game count? If so I have about 70.

      I only have one Platinum and it's for Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

      I find most games tend to put the Platinum out of reach for me, usually involve a hard-mode playthrough or something stupidly time consuming or a bunch of multiplayer. SK was one of the few where it required you to basically just clear the game with everyone, max out one character and then beat the optional last boss. It was actually doable.

        Yep, same with this. I'd already done all but 2 or 3 just trying for the true ending. It was only a matter of clearing up a few missions & finding 3 hidden files I'd missed.

        Was a pleasure to do, rather than the chore most trophy lists look to me.

    On the weekend I finished "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture". It was a pretty cool guy, but I don't think I'd play it again.

    I also (finally) finished the main story for Destiny. Only took me 11 months. No to try and reach level cap before The Taken King drops (hah!). The way their content works is weird. Most MMOs have content that flows straight into the next. Not Destiny though. You finish the main story around level 18-19 and then you can't do the DLC until level 26? The fuck? So now I get to grind out strikes. Yay!

    Also did a GTA: Online heist last night. I'm amazed at how fun that game still manages to be. Even with the weird bugs (like @rize committing suicide by falling through water while swimming). Also the challenge of trying to punch the person next to you when you finish a mission and avoid getting punched is always fun.

      Sad i missed the heist last night but it did allow me to finally dig into story mode a little bit and @rize wasn't kidding, Trevor is reeeeeeaaaaaally grating!
      It's like they tried to embody a standard GTA player in a real person and it's just not working :-P

      Last edited 17/08/15 10:39 am

        I need to play more of the single player. I think I've done like the first maybe 10 missions.

          I am definitely enjoying most parts of it, if you ignore the stereo types the 3 characters are trying to embody, there's certainly some fun to be had...
          My favourite mission so far would have to be the
          Life Invader
          One (spoilered just in case despite not really being a spoiler)
          I thoroughly enjoyed that.

      I learned that shooting @Cakesmith while he is in a helicopter is a bad idea ... A VERY bad idea.

      Armor determines your level though. You pretty much go to level 26 with blue armor once you hit 20 naturally.

        Oh god, it's WoW and ilvl all over again...

          LFG for *raid*, PST for invite ilvl 280+ only

            Must be Tank with *Insert build that you would never use anywhere else in the entire game*

              I totally read on some forum somewhere that if someone playing a class/role I've never even thought about playing respecs into all these obscure PvP skills instead of their mandatory tanking skills they can practically solo the third phase of the rather easy to beat second last boss.

          But not for much longer!

          Taken King is gonna make levels work the traditional way.

            And make light levels work like more traditional iLevels, from what I can tell (never played WoW beyond about level 30).

              AWWW SHIT DAWG!!!

                They're being deliberately obtuse on the subject - they've just that more light will allow you to hit harder and take more damage... but not by how much. They've shown characters with light levels in the 200-300 range, too, so guessing players with current 34s will likely be starting as level 34s with a minimum 238 light (34 light on each armour piece and weapon). Should become clear by Thursday - they're doing a twitch stream Thursday morning of the new tower, questing, and how items etc. will transition when 2.0's deployed.

                  @dkzeitgeist ... poor phrasing, sorry. "Revamped" would be a better word - existing NPCs that now have questlines and better character development, kiosks for equipping shaders and emblems, and a few other minor changes. I think most of the stream will be about how gear will transition and how the new questing system will work.

                  I'm planning on wiping my warlock and doing a virgin run through all content.... :)

                  @trikeabout See, I'd love to do that, but I don't have the vault space to store all my gear while I do it. I'll have to settle for replaying everything as a 34... :( Might recreate my 'lock later in the year if I can sort out my gear... he's the one that has all my crucible wins, so can't get rid of him before TTK lands anyway (cos triumphs).

    Well, one of the HDMI ports on my TV has gone kaput, so I'll have to get it repaired.
    Also, I've decided that the AFL is a waste of time for the rest of the year...
    ...maybe I'll stick with Rocket League.

      To be fair, if Rocket League was on TV I'd watch the SHIT out of it.

        and I would want to try commentating the SHIT out of it.

      Why have you sworn off the AFL? The Cats aren't doing too bad, and there's only three more weeks in the home and away season.

    I played Rocket League and Pokemon Y over the weekend. Mr 4 and I have acquired a 2DS so that we can challenge some trainers at PAX (and get beaten, but who cares!)

    And I ran my first sub-40min parkrun for the first time in ages, which felt good.

      Are there any Pokémon you want? I can churn out some decent ones to give you a bit of a bonus edge...
      I just trained up my main PAX team on the weekend. It's very shiny but I'm likely to be one of the earlier speed bumps for those on their way to Pokémon League glory.

        Thanks for the offer. I can't think of anything off the top of my head (it's been *years* since my last pokemon playthrough) but I'm sure we'll have a list by the time we get to PAX!

          Well, in the lead up, if you ever think "I'd really like to be using [mon]", drop me a message on twitter, I have a living dex and a good breeding setup so it doesn't take me long to churn something reasonable out.

      Ah, going to cons and challenging other trainers is really fun! When I went to comic-con last year, the guy running the Nintendo booth was challenging the people hanging out. I didn't get to battle him, though apparently he was quite formidable and is the organiser of the VGC tournaments in Australia. So he will probably be there at PAX too. I'm guessing they'll mostly be playing Pokemon ORAS now though.

    I was going to LAN at a friend's place, but my laptop was acting up... I hate to think how much time was subsequently spent watching nerdcubed playing OMSI and Train Sim and Euro Truck :p
    also started tinkering with AirMech again and now have a couple of derpy pet birds flying around my mech... and when they say the Devastator is pretty much six Goliaths stapled together they aren't kidding! Worth the investment for a killer late-game base-busting tank :D

    and now I need to find my dining room table again since after cleaning it of other detritus I kinda went and opened all my Wave 2 Super Dungeon Explore Kickstarter add-ons >.

      I always wanted to try out AirMech but could never find a partner, what's your thoughts on it?

        it's a fun sci-fi alternative to the MOBAs for relatively short skirmishes. I'm always happy enough just to play with the AI and tinker with the loadouts, so I haven't looked at any of the high level PvP. Since the base game is F2P you might as well check it out and see what you think after a few rounds (I usually just pick a new unit to mess around with and do a casual 2v2 with AI players)
        I'm also more interested in the eventual single player campaign they have planned, but that's only after they've done more with the level editor and base building features.

    Yesterday I made cheese, it turned out rather well.

    It's really quite easy as well; just make some plain junket, tip it into a square of thin cloth (muslin in my case but the book even suggests a large handkerchief) then tie it up into a bag shape and let it hang over a bowl to let the moisture drip out for 6-8 hours then turn it over and do it again. It ended up having a consistency part way between cottage & ricotta cheese, there was a hell of a lot of shrinkage though, 600ml of milk made about 100g of cheese.

    Next weekend I plan to try the recipe for yoghurt cheese which is even easier; tip yoghurt into cloth, hang up, wait...

    I suppose in theory if you wanted a sweet cheese, you could use flavoured junket tablets or fruit yoghurt, I may have to try strawberry cheese as my third attempt.

      Yes, you start to appreciate the cost of cheese like parmesan when you realise how much milk it takes to make a small amount of cheese.

      I will direct you to Cheeselinks. They sell EVERYTHING you need to make cheese at home.

      I recommend getting some goats milk and making some goats curd cheese. It's much smoother in texture and has an incredible flavour!

      Last edited 17/08/15 11:49 am

        Ooooh I shall be bookmarking the hell out of that site! If I get this job, I might just make a present to myself of the camembert, fetta & cheddar kit.

        Have you used any of their stuff before or is it just a site you know about?

          A friend of mine went to one of their cheesemaking classes, and bought the book. She's successfully made camembert and feta at home, as well as lots of yoghurt and soft cheese.

          I've bought their yoghurt starters, and they work really well with my easiyo yoghurt maker. I've also bought goat milk and made a very nice strained goat milk cheese (like yoghurt cheese, but even better)


    Holy shit that Disneyland news!


    Me and a mate were talking yesterday and he theorized a giant glass screen that projects a holographic Death Star in the sky over Star Wars land. MAAAAAAAGIC!!!

    Also, there's a rumor that there'll be an expanded ARG exclusive to the land in which you join the Rebels or the Empire (or whatever they're called now) and you're tracked throughout the attractions and activities.

    So for example on Star Tours, someone gets called out as a Rebel Spy. Imagine bombing around Star Wars land after you've been on Star Tours and seeing your face on a wanted poster or being accosted by bounty hunters? SHIT WOULD BE CASH MONEY, PLAYA!!!

    Look, I'm too excited.

    I'm gonna go lay down and try and put myself in a coma for 8 years so I don't have to wait.



      I'm getting in on the Thursday arvo, and I thought I might check out the David Bowie Is exhibition that arvo/evening if anyone wants to join me

    So.... Bloodborne \o/ Took out the blood starved beast on my first attempt over the weekend! Used up all my fire paper though...... thank god for the whip mode of threaded cane cos damn without that range I would've died to it for sure! Also cheesed Djura after dying to him like 6 or 7 times =P He just made it so annoying to farm old yharnam I had to find a way to kill him :@ The friendly little online notes helped me realize "fall is effective". Got killed by body bag freaks while exploring the cathedral ward and got trapped in the Unseen village.... until I eventually made my way to Darkbeast Paarl, only to give up a few hours later and read up on the fight to realize this stupid boss is like 6 bosses later :@!!!! Unlocked the ludvig weapons though! So now I'm farming blood to buy them ^^

    Bloodborne question, strength or skill when levelling up a damage dealing stat? So far almost all the weapons I've unlocked have Strength has the preferred stat (only threaded cane has skill and rifle spear which I hate using).

      Paarl is less difficult than you think, you can take him more or less now (and I did, the bastard)

        He killed me in two hits.......... D=

        Edit: Also I hit him like 3 times and did barely any damage >.

        Double Edit: Also he's shit scary =O LOOKIT THE SIZE OF HIM!

        Last edited 17/08/15 11:54 am

          Get under him and slash at him with something with reach.

          Doesn't hurt to grind a bit though.

          If you hit him a bunch of times on his torso in quick enough succession, you'll suddenly do a huge amount of damage and he'll lose his lightning! I beat him first time (though I'm sure it was partly luck), because I never gave him the chance to recover his lightning.

            I'll give this a try later today! Is Str preferred to the skill stat when it comes to weaponry?

              I think a balanced approach is your best bet, IIRC (I haven't played BB in a few months now). I'm pretty sure most weapons scale with both, so either way, you'll be better off after each new level. All the stats have soft caps in place, so if you focus on just one, you'll see diminishing returns pretty quickly. Levelling them together is a pretty safe bet.

      I got so damned close to killing the blood starved beast but then he was all rude and clawed my back in two while I was trying to heal. Terribly impolite of him, once my hands are feeling up to it again (from arthritis, he didn't kill me that hard), I'm going to go back and give him a jolly good talking to. With my axe...

        The worst part about that fight is the damned poison; I finished him off with literally 15% hp remaining and 0 potions left. If not for boosting my damage with fire paper (thank you werewolf mechanics) I would've died that try for sure.

        Edit: It's funny though after father gasciogne and cleric beast I spent the first few minutes of this fight just gauging his attacks; didn't even bother counter-attacking just waited and watched and dodged until I found a solid opening (He has a right armed swipe that you can side-step and get 2 swipes in behind him before he recovers). After that even after he went berserk I knew what to watch for =D

        Last edited 17/08/15 12:08 pm

          Yeah the poison was a bit of a bastard, I took more than a few hits while swapping between antidotes & fire buffs. In fact I'd probably ultimately blame that for the death, having to remember to switch the items around was just enough of a distraction to leave me vulnerable. Vicar Amelia taught me the valuable lesson of clearing non-essentials from my quick item list though, one time I wanted to use the fire paper but accidently hit the dpad twice and when I hit use, I turned my lantern on. It's almost like I was saying "How bad was that hit? Oh I need more light to see by..." as I was getting hit more and more...

          At least I'm secure in the knowledge that upgrading my hand flamer was an excellent use of resources, that thing is amazing at taking down boss health.

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