Target Is Selling The PlayStation 4 For Under $400

$399.20 to be precise. And it's free delivery!

But it's a teensy bit more complicated than normal. Full details can be found here, but the deal basically works as follows...

You have to make the purchase on Target's eBay store and when it comes to checkout use the code CTREAT20. That reduces the price to $399.20. Pretty simple stuff.

Also — it's the fancy new white one which may or may not appeal to you. I have a black PS4 but I'm always jealous of the people who have the white one!

I will say, however, that some of the PlayStation 4 deals you can find in-stores can often work out to be better value than getting a cheap standalone console, particularly if you can get a few good games bundled in. Your mileage may vary.

But if you're looking to just buy a PlayStation 4 with no frills, this is a pretty amazing deal.


    Black is also available
    1TB version is too for $40 more

      1TB is only $40 more??? Thats awesome then.

      Anyone who upgraded to 1TB has usually had to pay around $100 for the HDD

    Looks like a good deal to me too - maybe because of the shiny white! I have a feeling my controller would get a lot dirtier if I had a white one (or you'd just be able to see the gunk... gross)
    But when I think about it I was reading the Target catalogue this morning (procrastinating over my coffee at work) they have the white ps4 BUNDLED with God of War, Driveclub and the Elder Scrolls Online. Seems to me there's more value in store, but I guess if you're not going to play any of those games its worth getting this and making your own bundle with your favourite game!

    My point being - It would be nice if they just sold it unbundled in store at a lower price but that's not how you make money is it?! lol

    Too much procrastinating in general today

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      My brother has the white controller and it looks fine, not dirty at all.

        I have sweaty hands... all the time.

        My controllers just seem to suffer at times!

      Target have been real good for PS4 deals lately.
      Last month I got the PS4 Black with God of War 3 Remastered, Little big planet 3 and Drive club for $419. I traded the games at JB and got Last Of Us Remastered and The order 1886 Collectors Ed.
      I ended up paying $474 all up which I think is amazing value.

        That's good - But dont the bundled games specifically say not for resale?

        I've not been happy with EB Games recently I purchased a copy of Dying Light day night edition and all the codes had been used.

        Not happy Jan...

          No, they were legit retail copies, pretty stoked (cause I could trade them, which was my plan)
          Sucks about those EB codes, that's why I try to get sealed games all the time, that, and I can't stand the thought of strangers touching my stuff. EB gut a lot of their stock though, got to get in quick. It's a pain.

            Yeah i just go straight to the counter at JB's generally! I got stung in this recent sale they had - Saw there was a Special Edition and thought why not?! Ill splurge

            Turns out it was likely a game they had returned under their seven day return policy and proceeded to put it on the shelf as new. Facebook admitted to it, Customer service on the phone admitted to it. Under Australian Consumer law it is deceptive practice and against the law to represent something as new when it isnt... So much to the cries of gamers around the nation I tried to have them stop taking games in under their guarantee unless they put them out as pre owned - Their argument is they dont accept the return unless it is in "new condition"... And they're getting away with this!

            I flat out just wont go there anymore.

              Why not just go and get it replaced? Happened to me before, took it back in next day and they apologised and gave me a new sealed game. That easy, problem solved... really isn't THAT big of a deal.
              Its a great policy (the 7day returns), and would rather not see it removed because of the odd occasion something like this happens. I for one appreciate the fact that if I buy a game and don't like it, then I'm able to return it

                It's just a very immature look at purchasing items. If you bought a game in the 90s you couldnt return it if it was opened. They used to sell them sealed - But now this generation wants to be able to try before you buy with everything?! Its the consumer's responsibility to make smart purchases!

                Fact is there was no other copy of the Day Night Edition. I bought myself a treat because there was a special edition. This leads to deceptive practice which then influenced my actions based on the perception it was something it was not. Brush up on Australian Consumer Law... It's there to protect us all ;)

                  Oh, i know my rights... but you're talking about a simple code here but acting like it you've just been scammed out of your house. Next you'll be saying you're taking it to A Current Affair :P If it was that big of a deal, Consumer Protection would have done something about it a long time ago.

                  Call them up, talk to them, they'll replace the code for you or offer you a full refund.

                  EB have been around selling games since the 90's, so a good chance that this has been around since then. Games these days are usually released broken, so I think being able to try them first is only fair, I don't want to buy a broken mess, and how else would I know that other then trying it first? Don't see how that is an 'immature' view at all. If that code hadn't of been used, you wouldn't have even known the game was used before. Fair enough if its sold scratched, or broken, but you're getting the exact same product as you would buying it new (codes aside).

                  Plus, EB do sell games sealed, the only ones that they unseal are the ones they use for display or returns, which they sell once they are out of the sealed copies. I always ask for a sealed copy when I buy my games, and 99% of the time, I get a sealed game.

                  Don't get me wrong, its not right, and I do agree with you to some extent... but just do not think it is that huge of a deal when there are simple ways to get it sorted. I do also think they need a way of checking these codes before accepting the return

          I had a similar experience at Eb with a wii u pro controller. Brought it home, opened it up and then realised I'd bought a return. As if a brand new controller should be covered in finger prints. Took it back and demanded a refund

            Yeah they were happy to give me a refund but I couldnt care less - it was principle by then as a lot of people on Facebook were saying they had been burnt by this as well. I complained to ACCC and Fair trade and they cant really do much about it unless there are a lot of complaints.

            It's a bummer I always thought EB had a bit more integrity but their argument over saying "No we dont accept used codes and we dont accept returns unless they are in new condition" is hilarious to me!!!

            They can't tell if the codes are used so they're trusting one customer with the risk of hurting the next customer.
            New condition is not new. And this is illegal under Australian Consumer Law.

            They'll cop it one day but I'm not going to fund the class action that's required to get something done now. I just talk with my wallet - JB are much nicer people anyway

              Completely agree with all the above, considering I used to work there I got to see the dodgy business practises day in day out. I wouldn't submit to them and always told the customer to shop else where if I knew they were being ripped off. Also agree that jb are nicer. Were it not for the fact my local Eb manager is a top guy I wouldn't shop there either

                After that article came out a couple of weeks back about treatment of staff I shouldn't have gone in again really. No wonder they all seem stressed - its because they are! Well done dude integrity to the customer is huge and other places will appreciate that!

              It's kind of surprising that they don't check the codes when accepting a return or trade-in. At least for PS3/PS4, you can check a code's validity without using it since there is a confirmation screen between entering the code and associating it with the account. It's also the kind of thing you'd expect Sony, Microsoft, etc to provide as a service to retailers.

              Not checking the codes at all is negligent, and relying on the honesty of the customer seems crazy.

                They weren't specific on their process but did say they don't accept used codes. So to me it suggested they just trust people... good for some but when putting it on the shelf as new again when its already been in someone's home in someone's system and whatnot its completely wrong. I never considered what they did with the 7 day return policy until now i just presumed they were then in the pre owned pile (which are always highly priced anyway) as opposed to being resold as new. I thought it was just to keep customers and keep the turnover rate up but it's also about false turnover if they repeatedly sell the same product as new

                  Well, if you shop at a store that offers a 7 day returns policy, it shouldn't be unexpected to receive a game that has been played by someone else for up to 7 days. It's the same as if I buy some clothes and then return them because they don't fit: the store is going to sell them to someone else.

                  The main point is that the item should be in the original condition if the store is going to accept the return and resell it. A game with used codes obviously isn't in as-new condition.

                  Cant reply to James for some reason but no it is not the same - similar but not the same

                  If something doesnt fit then fine - take it back you havent worn it. But this is for "if you just dont like it".. its their "satisfaction" guarantee. It's designed to get mums and dads and girlfriends buying things even if their not sure its the right one - But it is used by snotty 14 year olds who take the game back after thrashing it and finishing it in a few days and trading it for the other new game they wouldnt be able to afford. And then trading that one again - At full price!!!

                  It would be like if ou could buy pants and wear them around for a week THEN take them back. No store in their right mind would allow that but EB figure that because its only a disc then who knows who has played it?! They are essentially renting items out before selling them as new

                  Its a disc and game case, if its not scratched or scuffed then what is the difference between it and a brand new game?

                  The returns policies of many clothing shops usually just want the merchandise back in a saleable condition (so all the price tags need to be intact, no damage, etc). And some people take advantage of those policies too: I've seen more than one film and TV show where someone is trying to hide the tags on the expensive clothes they're wearing so they'll be able to return them next day.

                  For the most part I don't have a problem with the items being resold as new, provided the retailer checks that its still in new condition. The game disc having been in someone else's console doesn't really detract from my enjoyment of the game provided they haven't scratched the disc or similar.

                  Now if the person who returned the disc used the DLC codes, that's another matter: that's like returning a suit without the trousers.

                  Genuine lol James. Yeah i think some people are perceiving me to be a bit butthurt about this whole thing but I've got two kids under two. I cant buy games much anymore and when i do there is an expectation that the product is as advertised. When i went off at the hungry jacks manager over the phone for mixing up my order with the ONLY OTHER CAR IN DRIVE THROUGH - yeah that was being a butthurt wanker

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      If its the newest 500GB model they are suppose to be a matte finish, the shiny ones were the old models :)

        I missed the memo on that - Due to the scratching on the shiny side - being the side you remove to get to the HDD im not surprised it scratched up quickly for people but I just googled it - it looks quite nice in an ALL matte finish! Im jealous now

    Oh and I barely read this article - Sorry you point out what I commented... My point is moot

    I keep looking at deals like this, and that sexy Darth Vader console and keep wanting to pull the trigger. Then I realise all the games I would love to play will be on PC anyway and I don't really use my PS3 at all anymore :( Still, more power to bargains!!

      You probably dont use your PS3 anymore because it's not a PS4

      I just traded my ps3 and about 20 games for $233 not bad price for a paper weight.Better get in before it's worth even more nothing

      But I kinda almost feel bad now that I'm getting a 500gb destiny ps4 with the taken king legendary edition for like $550 after already owning a black ps4 since launch night

        Despite me not wanting to jump on a PS4... yet... I'm actually a bit of a console hoarder. I can't in good conscience sell my old consoles because memories etc. Not saying I have heaps of consoles, but my N64, Gamecube and PS3 will happily sit under the TV for those weekends I decide to revisit some classics ^_^ (not to mention the myriad of Gameboys I have!)

          Plus I have a heap of PS3 games I haven't even played yet.
          Plus I have a heap of PS2 games I haven't even played yet. :/

    The question is whether this is the new CUH-12 model series (ie. Second gen) or if this is to clear out the older stock. The image looks like it still has the gloss which is gen one.

    Brother in law is on the lookout, so I'll have to tell him. Yay more people to play Battlefront with.

    Do it people, give in! Metal Gear Solid 5 is just around the corner!

    I think they are trying to clear the old models (cuh-1102a)

    The newer ones (cuh-1202a) are matte finish and have better power consumption and run 9dB quieter

      Just received mine. It is the CUH-1202A. Definitely has a matte finish.

    Great deal.
    Even sweeter deal. 1TB at EB Games for $577 aud, 2 games - Batman Arkham Knight and GTAV.

    I picked up the same bundle, but kept the games it came with. Wife and I love playing LittleBigPlanet together, I never played GoW3 on PS3, and the crew has been a happy surprise too.

    I'm not a fan of trading in games anyway. Only ever done it twice, with Oblivion and Fallout 3, and that was purely to take a bit off the cost of the Game of the Year editions.

    And for some reason it's not letting me reply to comments, or edit my own comments. Weird.

    My last post was supposed to be a reply to @technoir3d Re: the $419 bundle they had a few weeks back.

    That is dam tempting! Been looking for an excuse to get one too :P

    Until Sony start adding PSX and PS2 to the store, my system is going unused, save for Bloodbourne and Tearaway Unfolded.

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