Team Fortress 2 Has A New Sports Mode

Team Fortress 2 has a new sports mode, where two teams run around with a ball trying to score goals. It's called PASS Time, and "combines TF2's usual fast-paced bloodsport with the actual fast-paced sports of soccer, hockey and basketball".

It's a collaboration between Bad Robot, Valve and Escalation Studios, the latter of which is working on DOOM and previously created Outlaw Space and Eternal Fate.

According to the post, gameplay functions a lot like the Bombing Run mode from Unreal Tournament 2004, where the ball replaces a player's weapon once picked up. "Pass and shoot with your primary fire. Pick up and intercept by simply touching the jack. Melee an opponent carrier to steal."

You can find out more about the mode on the Team Fortress 2 blog.


    Sounds like Q3 Gridiron or Q2 Qpong. Both were quite awesome.

      Qpong, was trying to remember what that was called!

    UT Bombing Run mode was the alpha and omega.

    There was a time when the place I work would play UT2k4's bombing run over lunch. They were glorious days.

    Heh, this is a direct ripoff of the Uplink mode we made for Advanced Warfare - down to the mechanics, subtle rules and messaging. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess!

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