Tell Us Dammit: The First Video Game You Ever Played?

I'm sure we've done this before. But I've been here for almost five years and I want to do it again! What was the first video game you ever played? Can you remember?

I'm pretty sure mine was Horace Goes Skiing on the Spectrum 48k. I think. I can't tell for sure.

In 1986 my uncle dropped off a Spectrum 48k at my house with a metric butt-tonne of pirated video games. It was up there with the best days of my life. I think the first game I played from the pile was Horace Goes Skiing but it could have been Way of the Exploding Fist or Nodes of Yesod. I can't be 100%.

How about you guys and girls?


    Batman on the Commodore 64. Don't remember it very well, but I do clearly remember the shot of Jack Napier falling into the vat of acid.

      That's one of my very early ones as well, cant be 100% sure but maybe it was that or one of the Olympic games (maybe winter games).

      The very first game I can remember getting heavily into was Pool or Radiance, my mind was totally blown. POR, Airwolf, Beachhead and Predator (man I loved those games) were what I think set me on the path to loving video games like I do.

    The first game I can remember playing is Combat on my Grandparent's 2600 when I was 5 or so. I also have memories of playing the Mario/Duck-Hunt combo cartridge on my Uncle's NES but I think that was a couple years later.

      I'm on the early 2600 game human cannonball then also later Mario/Duck-Hunt combo cartridge and Bubble-Bobble.

        Yeah I can remember Bubble-Bobble in the local chip shop. me and my mates lost some coins and time to that one. It was that and Street Fighter and Golden Axe in the shop, we would just take it in turns going from one to the other (when we weren't acting a fool in front of the local girls)

        Bubble Bobble! I used to play that with my dad on our ST 1040. I would have been 7 or 8 at that point.

      Heh, we must be about the same age. My first game was either Pitfall! on the Atari 2600 or Mine Storm on the Vectrex. They both came out in 1982/1983, so I would have been 4 or 5. I remember it was before I started Kindergarten in 1984 in any case. It's amazing how vivid memories are even all these years later.

        Close but no cigar, born in 82 so this would have been around '87 or so.

    Something on Commodore 64, I was only 4 or 5. Have no idea what it was or what it was called.

    Just remember playing with my uncle who was still in high school at the time.

    Spyro the Dragon! :D
    I was about 4 or 5, I think.
    It was one of the demo games that they had set up on the display PlayStation at my local technology store :)


        Kids and their 3D rendered hoozamajigs. Back in MY day we had to use our imaginations to get the graphics to work properly.

          Back when my game told text...that a damned wooden door stood before me, I knew there was a wooden door before me and when I typed Y I entered that bastard like a boss.

            That's right! And when I typed 'go north' I imagined that I strode to the north like a badass!

              I Zorked the f$%^ out of 'Go North' I think I kept dying just after the letterbox...but I would have been 5 or 6. Who remembers Olympic Decathlon? My brother and I loved that game. We had to work together to do the pole vault. I have so many early gaming memories that I can't remember my first game. Could have been on my Intellevision or my Aunt's Atari...or a Game and Watch.

                Would that be Daley Thompson's Olympic Decathlon? That was almost the first game that I owned but it didn't work for some reason (Commodore 64 cassette So my first 'owned' game turned out to be Ghostbusters on C64 (also cassette).

                  Nah it wasn't that one, it was just called Olympic Decathlon. I played it on PC.
                  It's actually called Microsoft Decathlon.

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    Pong. Yes I am that old.

      Yeah, I think it may have been Pong for me. On an Aussie Atari knock-off console called a Hanimex that had two paddle controllers.

      First arcade game I can remember playing was Asteroids.

        Spot on! I was trying to think of the actual console and you nailed it!

          Cool, I've never met anyone that's even heard of the thing before, let alone owned one. I couldn't quite remember the spelling so only found out it was an Aussie console when I Googled it.

            I never knew the name but I was another who played pong on one of those.

        My first was some car/racing game on a Hanimex, the system my parents got came with controllers had a number pad on them that barely got used!
        I vaguely remember some battle ships type game.

          Oh yeah, was it the game where there was a battleship up top dropping depth charges, and a sub down the bottom firing torpedos upwards? My brother and I played the shit out of that.

        There was one of those in my Pop's house - I don't think we pulled it out though till he knew I had an interest in games so it wasn't the first

        I posted later with my games, but I'm pretty sure mine was a Hanimex too. I just remember it played Atari games.

        Shit, me too. I had the Tandy knockoff, it came with a realsitic handgun, and it was awesome!

        I then had some hanimex thing that took cartridges and had a game where you could jump things on a motorbike, then got my Atari 400 with Asteroids and Star Raiders.
        Played Star Raiders for about two years almost every day, man I loved that game. 3D graphics in 1979, WTF!

      I think Pong for me as well, or some version of it on a TV console. Was at a birthday day party for my mate and we were probably around 7 so perhaps 1980 or 81.

    dark cloud on the ps2 or mario 64 one of those two

    Pretty sure it was Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 on the PS1 (which I played on my brand new PS2). Either that or Crash Bash.

    Friendlyware P.C. Arcade on monochrome.

    "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" that was built into the Sega Master System.

    We used to call him "Alex the Kid" because we couldn't read. I was legitimately mind-blown when I found out so many years later that Kidd was his surname. Alex Kidd still sounds weird to me. Not enough syllables.

      I only just realised it was Alex Kidd as a result of your comment...

      ................ speechless............. I went straight to google thinking 'surely not'..... well there you go. Alex Kidd..........

      I always knew that the box said Alex Kidd, but we still called him 'the kid' because clearly whoever made it was wrong.

      Also did you know that 'The Beatles'was a pun? Because I'd seriously never paid any attention to how it was spelt until I saw a CD cover a couple of years back. That was a mind blow.

        wow. just wow. i had never realized that beatles pun. mind definitely now blown.

    Wow. I do not remember the first, but I remember some space game on grandparent's neighbours atari something.... ...and my Donkey Kong Game-and-Watch.

    Pong on Atari (console)
    Captain Comic on Olivetti 286 (PC)

    Super Mario Bros. Best christmas gift I ever had.

    and Skifree on the PC, that damn Yeti still gives me nightmares!!

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    I faintly remember the luxury wood paneling of a 2600 and a very basic tank game on one of those "Heaps-o-Games" cartridges.

      Me too, that was also my introduction to gaming. I'm guessing it had Combat (a two player dogfighting game with planes) and Indy 500?

    Basketball on the Atari 2600 ~79. Remember it clearly, afternoon matine with a mate to see the first Star Wars, then we went home to his place to shoot some hoops.

    I think Gauntlet or The Mummy on Spectrum, possibly Rainbow Islands

    It's either:
    - Mario Bros on NES at a family friend's house, or
    - Alley Cat on my Uncle's something-or-other.

      Alley Cat is a brilliant example of some of the completely unrepresentative game names we used to get. Fun game, not what I expected when I loaded it up.

      Harpoon, and Fire Brigade are others.

        Alley cat was the first PC game I played, the author was a genius, he also did Necromancer, one of the best, weird games *ever*.

      Alley Cat was one of my first games, maybe the first I played but really can't remember. I do remember preferring Frogger, Bouncing babies, Tapper, Buck Rogers and some q*Bert rip off that used to play the Merrie Melodies tune .

      Wow... Alley Cat, I remember that game. From waaaaaaaaay back. I can't remember what I played it on though...

    Street Fighter II on the SNES, I still remember my brother and sister trying to teach me how to do a hadouken.

    Fun fact: my family migrated to Australia while I was still in my mother's womb and they had to live with my cousins while parents were trying to find their feet. My dad always told me that all my cousins and siblings used to play was SFII and that the constant 'yoga fires' and 'yoga flames' would make him nauseous. So I reckon my love for Street Fighter started well before I was born.

    Combat or Indy 500 on Atari 2600. Can't remember which. Them paddle controls...

    Pretty sure mine was A PGA tour game on Win96, I also played another world but I can remember which first.

    Hard to remember that far back
    Either Colecovision (Gorg or Smurfs), Atari 2600 (Got a bunch of games with it but maybe marine wars or space invanders) or C64 (Boulder-dash)

    Honestly I can't remember. It wasn't some life changing event that stuck with me and I was insanely young. I remember a lot of games I played when I was really young but I don't remember being introduced to them at any point.

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