The Best Piano Rendition Of Mario Music I Have Ever Heard

You know the drill. Person learns piano. Person bumbles their way through Mario music. Person uploads video to YouTube. But when someone with insane musical talent plays video game music on their instrument of choice, magic happens.

Exhibit A: this video.

To begin with, the music is being played on a piano that looks like a goddamn NES. She is sitting on a chair that looks like an NES controller.

But more importantly, the playing is pretty sublime. And inventive. It reimagines the music instead of playing it note for note. I love it. All of it.


    Forgot I hadn't gotten around to watching this yet.

    That is the best variation of the underground theme I've ever heard, wow.

      Also forgotten I hadn't gotten around to watching this yet. Also the post self promotion part in the last few seconds of the video is great if you closed it once the music stopped, re-open it and watch

    Zero points for dressing the part

    Give that person a job at Nintendo in the music department.
    I'd run out of time reach level as I'd be too busy getting lost in the music.

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