The Bizarre Rules Of JRPGs Deconstructed In 4 Minutes

All genres have their tropes, though few stick quite so religiously to them as JRPGs. From spiky-haired protagonists with swords larger than they are tall, to villagers with strangely exposition-heavy dialogue, even the most original games rely on the tried-and-true formula. In this video, CollegeHumor pokes fun at some of the more prominent clichés.

Who can forget holding off from finishing the final quest — whatever it may be — to squeeze in a few more hours of grinding or minigames?

Sure, all the extra gold and experience you're gaining will be meaningless as soon as the end fight is over, but you haven't played an RPG to its fullest unless engage in some sort of game-breaking integer overflow action.

Oh and then there's this:

The clip does a good job of covering its subject material, though I noticed a distinct lack of slime-slaying. It might just be me, but those darn things are everywhere.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]


    Eh, maybe if 'every JRPG ever' is 'Final Fantasy 4 through 7'.

      Pokeman, Azure Dream, and Alundra come to mind regarding the cliche's depicted in the video.

        Yeah sure, there's a few others that might match. Way more JRPGs that don't though.

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