The Facial Animations In Tales From The Borderlands Are So Good

The Facial Animations In Tales From The Borderlands Are So Good

Briefly: The facial animations in Tales From The Borderlands are so good. (The rest of the game — which just released its fourth episode — is very good too.)


  • The shootout scene is the most amazing piece of gaming gunplay I have ever taken part in. It takes the borderlands shtick and totally messes with it.

    • Pace is quite a bit faster and the lighter mood from the setting really shines through. There’s also a lot of fun to be had with how the game presents choices to you. Early on in the first episode the game gives you the option to act like the tough guy to your boss only to get you slugged down with a hook to the face for your presumption.

  • Not bad, not bad, but I raise you anything by Naughty Dog. In my opinion, they are the kings of expression and facial animation in games.

    • I’ll give you naughty dog anything. For context this clip up top is taken from a slow-mo hero walk to a spaceship they are about to embark on, the cliche team walk with epic music used by almost any space movie ever

    • I love playing Naughty Dog’s game’s on the PC! Oh…. wait

      Telltale games on the other hand ARE available on the PC.

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