The Greatest Moment In Rocket League History

This is the greatest moment in Rocket League actual history.

I don't know what else to say. I'm speechless.

I haven't laughed like this since forever.


    Wow, I literally just ROFLMAO'ed

      Then you are probably losing a lot of blood and should call an ambulance immediately.

    "Mr Gorbachev, tear down that wall"

    Haha great stuff xD

    edit: Ah apparently i completely missed the point... GG me

    Last edited 31/08/15 10:20 am

      That's kind of the point isn't it. Any goal is better cause that one didn't count....

    I'm a little concerned about your rocket league addiction Mr Serrels @serrels

      Do you think it's time for an intervention?

        Hahaha yes me thinks it's time need to get him back addicted to dark souls minus the eye infection

    LOLLLL this happened to me last night but not as epic as that shot hahahah.

    I was thinking "it's too short, it's going to bounce after the clock is up"... and it did.

    nice goal... except they would have won without it anyway so..... it's kind of pointless.

    Check again, that goal would've tied the game.

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