The Latest One Piece Game Went Up On Steam This Morning For Less Than A Dollar

If you look at the price for the latest One Piece game on Steam, everything looks entirely normal. Except that wasn't the case earlier this morning.

I used to watch a reasonable about of anime as a teenager and young adult, but even when my interest in the medium was at its peak I never had the inclination to explore the world of anime fighters.

After a well-timed Steam sale, a bout of sickness and one copy of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst (what an absurd name, honestly), I discovered that I actually quite liked anime fighters. Regular TAYbies may be aware that I'm happily working my way through Dragonball Xenoverse. It's genuinely silly, but good fun all the same.

So when I woke up this morning and saw One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 available on Steam I felt compelled to take a look. And when I saw it was priced at the wonderful value of US$0.69, I had to raise an eyebrow. A special sale, perhaps?

I noticed there was some story DLC available for US$15, although it said in the description that it was only 8 extra single-player missions and a bunch of other things that I didn't really care about. "Maybe it's a new way of getting people into One Piece," my half-awake brain mused.

So I happily added OPPW3 to my Steam account and let it download. I think it's still downloading right now. And good thing too, because as it turns out I've gotten away with a massive discount.

As confirmation, here's the relevant snippet from my Paypal receipt.


I got in touch with Bandai Namco, the local distributors for OPPW3, who said the mistake was "just an error in pricing". They're not sure who was responsible for the snafu. Not like I care, mind you: I just got a day-one release on Steam for a buck. Score.

The error's since been rectified and if you want to jump on board you'll have to pay the much less attractive price of US$69.99 — which I wouldn't pay for most games these days, especially anime fighters.

Anyone else lucky enough to snag the same deal this morning?


    *said in the insolent cadence of a jealous school kid*

    I'm super happy I got it, now I can only hope they bother to optimize it unlike the other X Warrior games of late.

    Always been a huge fan of the X Warrior series, but the PC ports have been woeful.

    God damn it. If I'd known that I'd have grabbed myself a copy too!!!

    I missed it by seconds. The price changed in the time it took me to login to my steam account in the website. I was pretty devo!

    One Piece is one of my anime blindspots because to hell with watching that many episodes of anything really, but for a buck? I'd have been all over it. Bummed I missed out.

    i'm glad I was able to get it for free yay trading cards and steam wallet

    TAYbies mentioned in an article! It's nice to feel loved! *one of us! one of us!*

    I got 4 copies myself (shared with friends) but tbh I somewhat doubt you just came across it. The internet was alight with this this morning and the story started over at reddit steam trades.

    AH, DAMN IT! I bought it the day before and stayed up all night doing work. If only I had gone to sleep like normal....

    I didn't, and have been trying to trade people on steam for a copy. People are trying to trade them for 15 dollars a pop!

    Nice pickup! Reminds me of earlier this year or last when Dark Souls 1 was under $1 due to a pricing error, so i picked it up ASAP haha =)

    Thank god I missed it!

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