The Metal Gear Franchise, Mostly Explained In Under 12 Minutes

Video: Metal Gear lore is remarkably complicated and goofy. Michael Huber at GameTrailers tries to quickly sift through it all and distil it down to the main points. I think it pretty much works!

There's a ton of noise in these games (I mean Para-Medic talked about movies so much and that one guy kept shitting his pants, etc.), so it can be hard to remember what matters in the big picture. So maybe this will help you as you prep for The Phantom Pain here in a couple weeks.


    this video is terribly misinformed

      Its Gametrailers... They don't use facts, or research, or even game footage sometimes. The whole site has gone downhill in the past 2 years.

    September 1st...hmmm I think my mid semester break just got filled...

    I don't think I'll ever understand Metal Gear, but damn I can not wait to play MGSV. Just over a week to go!

    I was planning to buy this on day 1, but the damn Witcher 3 is taking much longer than anticipated. Anybody know how long MGS5 is supposed to be? If it's like 12 hours I might take a break from The Witcher. If it's 40 hours then I might have to leave it until later.

    Avoid this video it's more confusing then informative. Just watch YouTube movie versions of the games alot better!

    This video has quite a lot of bullshit.

    check yong yea, he's killing it on the MGS news front:

    MGSV looks really, well, interesting. However, I've never played any MG game. Even though I've been a PS owner since the original PS, they have never interested me.

    This video only added confusion.....

    As someone who hasn't played any of the other games, could I enjoy/understand MGSV? Or is it not worth picking up?

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