The Mother Of All GTA V Crashes

The Mother Of All GTA V Crashes

When Hoosker Don't crashed his bike playing GTA V, he probably figured — as the opening seconds of this video suggest — that he'd just get up and get another vehicle. No big deal. Oh, how wrong he was.

Before too long, the game's driving AI has...had some problems.

By 1:50 it's a warzone.


    I broke the game doing this.

    That's gotta be modded. The fire spreads way too quickly as far as I can see. Sticky fire mod? Explosive vehicle mod?

      non modded from what i read in the reddit thread. But i could be wrong

      i dont think so, ive seen fire spread like that in car pile ups and set of chain reactions. not as big as that though.

    I laughed when the guy got out of his car to kick the guy that was burning to death then burst into flames himself.

    Reminds me of Burnout's Crash mode. That was awesome :)

    perhaps a glimpse of the future with (hacked) autonomous cars.

    Lost it when the guy exited the ambulance on fire at 1:30

    Pretty disappointing how all the wreckage pretty much evaporated within a couple minutes. Guy went up the hill to appreciate how vast the carnage was, but for all those deaths and explosions, all that was left was a couple wrecks.

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    Paramount Pictures presents: GTA V
    Directed by Michael Bay

    And this, kids, is why you should never drive on the wrong side of the road IRL.

    Lost it with the heroic paramedic turned victim. He runs towards the incident, then as he sees that all is lost, he panics and as he's trying to return to the ambulance an explosion stuns him on the path of an incoming speeding car. The comedic timing of the whole sequence is priceless.

    This is good because it's not a stupid mod.

    The little red car going "Fuck this, I'm going to the beach" was great

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