The NES Games Hidden In Seinfeld’s Apartment

The NES Games Hidden In Seinfeld’s Apartment

All those years watching Seinfeld, and I never noticed this, so thanks to Tim Rogers for the pic: turns out the media shelf in the background of Jerry’s apartment, which is mostly full of his old VHS tapes (like Navy Seals!), is also home to a few NES games.

You can clearly see SimCity there, along with Nintendo World Cup. A different shot, posted earlier this year on r/seinfeld, shows he also has a copy of Tetris, and apparently Super Strike Volleyball as well.

The NES Games Hidden In Seinfeld’s Apartment

I don’t ever remember seeing a NES under his TV, let alone Jerry playing a game during an episode, so who knows what they’re doing there. Maybe they’re a reminder of his more carefree days. Maybe they’re just hat tips from some set dressers.

Whatever it is, here’s the trailer for Navy Seals.

And, well, this seems appropriate.


  • I would have thought snes games would be more appropriate considering it was a show from the 90’s

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