The New Metal Gear Trailer Sounds Like Kojima Saying Goodbye

The New Metal Gear Trailer Sounds Like Kojima Saying Goodbye

If this is Hideo Kojima's last Metal Gear trailer, he's going out with a bang.

My personal history with the franchise is complicated; loved the first and third games, couldn't get into the second and fourth games. The deeper Metal Gear dug into its mythology, the more it pushed me away. (It's weird, too, since I'm usually into things with convoluted storylines!)

But I'm setting everything aside for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. If Kojima and Konami go their separate ways after the game ships, this is a noteworthy moment. Whatever you think of Metal Gear, Kojima, and his specific brand of video game, he's had an impact.

Part of what's made Kojima unique is how hands-on he is with everything about his games, including the marketing. He's personally edited the game's lengthy, sprawling trailers for years, and as we near the game's release date next week, he's released what may be his final creation.

The first half of the trailer is an emotional retrospective on Metal Gear's past, showcasing how the series has changed from 1998 through 2015. It's amazing how far video games have come.

But a quick warning: the second half of the trailer is full of spoilers.

I may or may not have misted up a bit there.

Jason's been playing Metal Gear for a week or so now, and he's loving it. I hope I do, too.


    Has anyone in Australia broken the street date yet? I was happy to wait, but the last few days I've been itching to get my hands on it. Come on JB, stick it even harder to Konami!

    Ooh, can you please mention what the spoilers are in terms of which game? Are they spoilers for MGSV, or spoilers for previous releases? I'd love to watch, but don't want to spoil MGSV.

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      Games like this historically almost always hold their street date. =( I'm still hoping though!

      There are spoilers for MGSV near the end of the trailer.

        Thanks for that. I decided to go ahead and watch as I figured that Kojima wouldn't go out of his way to totally ruin the game for everyone. I'm glad I watched it, it's made me even more excited to play it.

    Farewell sweet prince. I hope Kojima goes onto bigger and better things

    Amazing. There may or may not have been goosebumps. MGS on PSX was the original title that lured me away from a life as a Nintendo boy to the dark side of PlayStation way back when. So happy that MGS is still alive and looking this good.

    The final moments of BB becoming the bad guy. I hope it somehow links nicely to the post credits scene on MGS4.

    This looks amazing and all, but that rail gun is very unfortunately placed at 4:05.

      Considering Shinkawa and Kojima were involved in ZoE it's pretty par for the course.

    I accept that this will be the last one and I am happy. The story is complete and we see the rise and fall of two legendary heroes (one ideologically and the other due to his inherited genetic legacy).

    My only concern is access to previous titles for future enjoyment as they are scattered across a whole range of systems

      This won't be the last one though. Konami have said they'd make more.

        If Kojima isn't directing it it's not Metal Gear Solid regardless of what name Konami might slap on future games.

        Metal Gear themed pachinko machines is what they'll probably make.

      You can get Metal Gear Solid 1-4 (including MGS1's VR Missions) and Peace Walker all on PS3 (the best way is through the Legacy Collection, which also includes Metal Gear 1 and 2 through Metal Gear Solid 3), with Xbox 360 being able to get Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and Peace Walker (through the HD Collection). Nothing on current gen though, sadly.

    For those not wanting SPOILERS. The trailer is clear to around the 3:10 mark. After that its mostly spoiler territory.

    Now I have to find a Peace Walker playthrough and watch it before the Phantom Pain release next week...

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