The New Silent Hill Will Break Your Heart

The New Silent Hill Will Break Your Heart

There's a new Silent Hill! It was just announced! Yay! But wait. Don't get your hopes up, because they will be crushed.

Just like when they were crushed when Silent Hills was cancelled. OK, maybe not that bad, but still, frowny faces all around.

The newly announced Silent Hill is for pachinko-slot machines. Why? Because Konami. That's why.



    Damn, I made myself sad

    My pie-in-the-sky hope that we're all being elaborately Kojima'd with all these ludicrous Konami related BS is dying fast....

    Well, I'm horrified beyond belief. Silent Hill ever!

    I'm eagerly awaiting the Rocket Knight Adventures pachinko now. Seriously fuck you Konami.

    Shut up and take my money!

    I'll just have to keep playing my SH: Origins on my PSP then

    Did George Lucas buy Konami?

    I assume this is also what they have in mind when they say they'll be continuing the Metal Gear Series without Kojima after MGS5?

    Who needs artistic integrity when you've got MONEY.

      If there is any justice in this world then they will soon have neither.

    Why is everyone hating on Pachinko machines?

      Because of how they destroy Japanese families. Far too often the absent father, all too absent already from overly long work hours, then goes and wastes his life in loud, smoky pachinko parlours before finally going home after the kids are in bed.

        Oh I see now so these are Japans version of pokie machines. I feel like a cottonheadedninimuggins I thought they were arcade machines.


    And there you have it - Silent Hills probably was going to cost upward of $20 million to develop - this thing probably cost them $20,000. Konami is a company that now only wants to make small outlays

    Sadly I think MGS V tipped their hand - the game has been in development for ages, Is incredibly feature-rich (between single player, base building and MGO there seems to about three games worth of content) and that Fox Engine would have cost a metric tonne of money and yet they're not licensing it.

    That means MGS V has to sell a LOT to make its money back - perhaps they've reached the point where they think it's no longer viable to make big AAA bets anymore - that's cool I guess but then at least licence or sell the properties to someone who can

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