The New Sims 4 Expansion Pack Adds A Nifty-Sounding Friendship System

The New Sims 4 Expansion Pack Adds A Nifty-Sounding Friendship System

After going to work with the first expansion pack, The Sims 4 is adding a European-themed world this fall with Get Together. While the intercontinental additions seem nice, the coolest part of the new expansion is a fleshed out friendship system.

The way Sims developer EA describes it on the game’s website makes it sound like you’ll be spending most of your time building out and then managing a posse of friends, and even joining different types of clubs (emphasis added):

Your Sims will be able to join different Clubs, each with their own interests, personalities, and styles. They have defined behaviours that dictate how they tend to act, including how they treat other Sims, and what they do or don’t like to do. There will be a variety of Clubs waiting for your Sims when you first load up the expansion pack, but you’re also able to create and customise your own. You can set their requirements, decide what behaviours they have, choose their preferred hang outs, and even give them distinct rewards.

Unclear how many clubs a Sim will be able to join yet. But being able to play around with clubs sounds cool. But being able to create your own clubs? Well, that’s The Sims for you. I’d be more surprised if you weren’t allowed to do that, to be honest.

Along with the club system, the Get Together expansion is also adding a bunch of new group-specific interactions:

Hanging out with groups of friends makes Get Together feel truly unique. Your Sim’s in-game friends will act a lot like your real ones — whether you’re going for a dip in the Natural Pools along the bluffs or just lounging around in the pub, groups will engage in new, exciting ways. Your Sim can take on their friends in a game of foosball, or try on outfits together with the all-new Walk-in Closet. They will hang out and share experiences together in fun, new ways.

Your Sims will also be able to level up Dancing and DJing skills, both of which should make for even more energetic gatherings. Pump up the crowd by creating the perfect mix on the DJ booth, or start busting out some new dance moves in an Underground Disco.

I try not to buy into pre-release hype as much as I can, but finally being able to play around with interactions amongst a whole group of people rather than primarily handling things one a one-to-one basis sounds very exciting. This is exactly the sort of enhanced social system built around The Sims 4’s impressive AI and modelling of diverse types of behaviour that I’ve been wanting to see since the base game first came out last year — the type of advancement from past Sims games that makes a sequel really seem worth it. If this pans out, I could see The Sims 4 fleshing out many other parts of the game in a similar way — making families interact as a whole unit more dynamically, or adding things like active classrooms that modders have already started to take a crack at.

Along with these new features and gameplay modes, there’s also a bunch of good old fashioned content coming with Get Together too. There’s a new setting called Winderburg, “a European-inspired World with a mix of vibrant, modern architecture and classic buildings and styles.” The world has an urban city, a countryside, and a sunny-looking island for all your vacationing needs.

The New Sims 4 Expansion Pack Adds A Nifty-Sounding Friendship System

And then there are the EDM-fuelled dance parties you can put on with a bunch of new DJ equipment. Plus you can have outdoor sex now. Sounds like a lot of raves are about to get started.

Get Together comes out this November. I for one am very much looking forward to it.


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