The Next Game From The Makers Of Torchlight Is Hob, A Sci-fi Puzzle Adventure Game

The next game from the makers of Torchlight is Hob, a sci-fi puzzle adventure game. Teaser trailer above. Hob will also be playable at PAX Prime in Seattle next week.


    Colour me interested.

    I'm not a huge fan of voxel worlds.. but this looks interesting.. especially those two-legged deer.

    that video did zero to get me excited about the game lol >

      Yeah, I mean it's pretty, but I have to go to the game website if I actually want to KNOW anything about it, by the looks. :/

      Edit: I just went there... STILL no knowledge imparted beyond some genre labels. They're sure playing this one close to the chest.

      Last edited 20/08/15 2:22 pm

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