The Next Major Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Video: The next major Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC is coming sooner than you think: August 11. That's next week! To prevent a series of earthquakes, your party heads underground to discover a secret about the Darkspawn. There's no exclusivity shenanigans this time either.


    I always loved the back story/lore and exploring the deep road in origins. DA2 + Inquisition didn't really touch on them at all, which I felt was a wasted opportunity... This might actually get me to fire the game up again...

      same. Im pretty tempted to get it but my only problem is after I finished the game I found it very boring and hard to go back to (especially after playing witcher 3). I got the jaws of hakkon dlc and played a bit of it before being reminded of everything I hated about it as it was just another boring filler location with fetch quests so I stopped.

      If this dlc was more story driven and closer to awakening dlc then I might have been more interested.

    I just feel like BW took far too long to release any meaningful DLC. By the time they had, for me at least, the game had pretty much become irrelevant.

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