The Peter Dinklage Destiny Lines We’ll Miss Most

The Peter Dinklage Destiny Lines We’ll Miss Most

In just a couple of weeks, Peter Dinklage will no longer be in Destiny. Let’s take a moment to remember him.

A couple of weeks ago Bungie announced that Dinklage’s character, Ghost, would be recast for the upcoming Taken King expansion. In addition, Bungie is taking the unusual step of having Ghost’s new actor, voiceover veteran Nolan North, re-record all of Dinklage’s old lines in addition to the new ones. Peter Dinklage’s Ghost is about to become, well, a ghost.

The first time I heard Dinklage’s Destiny performance — waaaaay back during the Alpha last year — I wasn’t a fan. But I’ve played so much Destiny since then that I’ve become oddly attached to the actor’s often flat, sometimes charming, generally not-great, entirely distinctive performance. It’s funny, how time works.

“I guess THAT was their fail-safe.” “We’ve woken the hive!” “Careful, its power is dark.” “The World’s Grave… not ours.” It’s to the point that I’ll be talking to Jason Schreier and I’ll say something about time, and he’ll respond, “Time? That can’t be right.”

I won’t be able to help but miss Dinklage. I’m sure Nolan North will be fine in the role, but Destiny just won’t be quite the same.

Yesterday I cut together this video compiling some of our favourite Peter Dinklage Destiny lines. Join us, as we take a trip down memory lane…

Eyes up, Dinklebot.


  • The problem was never Dinklage, it was the script and the direction. I’m still sad the scriptwriting never lived up to what they showed in that first E3 demo… “Hang tight, I’ll find some sticks to rub together…” *floats off* “And by sticks, I mean highly complex circuits that I am fully qualified to repair…” *floats away, mumbling* He had character.

    • The problem was that a bunch of story was cut out of the game prior to launch. The reason most of Dinklebot’s lines fell flat was because you didn’t have time to get to know him. Some of the dialogue implied you’d been travelling companions for some time but in terms of gameplay you blaze through in a few hours and none of the experiences suggest a significant amount of time passing. A few more cutscenes would completely fix that pacing and tell you what the Ghost is beyond a glorified lockpick.

    • I think also that he was supposed to sound dry and detached. Like, they deliberately asked him to read the lines that way. Attempting to differentiate from the similar floating AI eyeball things in Halo.

  • My fav:
    “The flares have penetrated the cortex, we’re running out of time!”
    Who doesn’t love a good cortex line??!!

    I can just imagine Dinklage when they put that line in front of him.
    ‘Ah yep, standard flare cortex penetration, got it. Wow, these,….guardians did you say? They won’t get much time to do anything.’

  • I still have an unopened box of Destiny Ghost edition with a Dinklebot replica. Will it go up in price or down?

  • The writing was terrible and Dinklage showed he could be a good voice character actor in Ice Age

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