The Witcher 3 New Game+ Sure Is Harder So Far

The Witcher 3 New Game+ Sure Is Harder So Far

If you were wondering whether The Witcher 3's New Game+ mode makes the game harder, I have some good news for you: It does!

New Game+ was just added to the game as the last of developer CD Projekt Red's free post-release downloadable content. It's a cool final addition, since many people (like me) have finished the game and want to try it again and make different decisions. And maybe see if they can keep from screwing it up with Triss and Yen this time.

I fired up a New Game+ and selected "Blood and Broken Bones" difficulty again, which is what I played the game on the first time. I played through the prologue, then found myself standing by the fire with Vesimir. I had pretty much all of my gear, usable items, and alchemy/crafting items.

The Witcher 3 New Game+ Sure Is Harder So Far
The Witcher 3 New Game+ Sure Is Harder So Far
The Witcher 3 New Game+ Sure Is Harder So Far

You'll notice I also had a fresh set of that snazzy-looking Kaer Morhen armour, and, interestingly, its armour rating has been juiced up to 160. It's still not as good as my mastercrafted armour, but still a substantial improvement.

I've been playing for a bit now, and opening enemies have all been level 31. I'm level 34, so they haven't given me too much trouble, but I can see how things will get much harder as I go, particularly because I already have the best armour in the game and probably won't change it. I've been getting a ton of XP for everything, too — I got 630 XP just for beating up the guys in front of the bar in White Orchard.

I'm assuming that difficulty increase will hold throughout. I'm still playing through the opening act in White Orchard.



    So far it's significantly easier.

    a few weeks back I tried blood and broken bones for the first time after completing the game at level 35 on easy, and trust me, being level 1 is way way way harder than being level 34.

    Completing the first contract (griffin) was a steep learning curve, taking me 10 minutes or so per try and requiring 7 or 8 deaths before completion, on my NG+ lvl 37 witcher I was able to kill it in about 4 hits, taking less than 30 seconds to complete.

    NG+ has new crafting patterns so you will be upgrading your gear. this is based off the fact that I found 2 new viper sword patterns, and I assume this will continue.

    I now face the decision of going back to my second play through (lvl 17) and finishing for the xbox achievemenet, or continuing my NG+ play through (lvl 37, but only just finished white orchard).

      I'm in the exact spot, I'm level 25 on my second play through and with a more thorough gameplay because obviously, it's my second time. Now, I really want to start new game plus, so it's either drop this play through that I'm much more satisfied with and use my first play or finsh the second and play it through for a third time. Damn you Witcher 3!!!

      to be honest, it sounds like you're really bad at the game

    why didn't you start new game plus on the hardest difficulty? Isn't the point of new game plus to either A: Find and finish quests you missed the first time or B: get that elusive 'hardest setting' trophy/achievement?

      Why would that be the point? People can't play games for any other reason than the two you mentioned?

        it just seems strange then you'd replay the game with all max items, and then complain that it's not that hard

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        ..for a person that reviews and plays games for a living..

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    The problem I've found is cockiness. Running around the endgame at level 34 on B&BB difficulty, I was cleaving people in twain with one hit.

    Starting NG+ on Death March and I'm ignoring my potions, decoctions & oils as obviously I don't need them anymore. Then I get hammered by 4 random bandits. That's an embarrassing way to die...

    But yeah, starting a new build with all the skills is a lot of fun, and the appropriately leveled up foes keep it interesting.

      Yeah, in Death March the most frequent causes of death for me are: getting ganked by 3 or more opponents at the same time or taking a one-hit kill from a much higher-level enemy. My Quen keeps me safe from everything else, particularly as I have beefed it up with some skills and gear. It's probably running at about +140% intensity and I could probably get it up to +200% or so without much difficulty I think. Having massive sign intensity bonuses means that even on Death March I am torching things with Igni without it even being pumped beyond the first level.

    I probably won't go much further past the prologue, since I have too many other games to play, but I'm curious about the NG+ enough that I'll give it a roll this weekend.

    It has blueprints for witcher legendary Armor variants such as Wolven, Ursine, Feline and Griffin

    Sounds like a bold face lie, or you're still playing on easy.

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