The Witcher Is Getting An Official Tabletop RPG From The Cyberpunk Guys

What's better than playing the latest instalment of The Witcher? Exploring the world with a bunch of mates over pizza, armed with pencils, erasers and all manner or polyhedral dice. Your dreams will become reality mid next year, when CD Projekt RED pushes out The Witcher Role-Playing Game, designed by Cyberpunk 2020 progenitor R.Talsorian Games.

Announced this week on The Witcher website, the tabletop version of the popular CRPG will use the "Fuzion" ruleset, which debuted in the third revision of the Cyberpunk series, appropriately named Cyberpunk v3.0.

Sadly, the post doesn't go into specifics, apart from mentioning that players will have "all the necessary tools" to adventure through The Witcher expansive world with a variety of different classes and character types.

I know, I know, it's no Cyberpunk 2077, but maybe it'll tide us over until its eventual release.

CD PROJEKT RED and R.TALSORIAN GAMES Announce The Witcher Role-Playing Game [CD Projekt RED]


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