This Australian PlayStation Network Sale Is Actually Good

Console store sales are few and far between. And when they do happen they tend to be, how do I say this politely? Underwhelming. Yeah, that's a good word.

This sale on the PlayStation Network? It's actually decent. And if you're on PlayStation Plus you can get additional discounts.

For example you can get...

— Bloodborne for $49.96 ($54.95 without PS+) — Dragon Age: Inquisition for $35.96 ($39.95 without PS+) — Evolve for $30.95 — Alien: Isolation for $22.46 ($24.95 without PS+)

So yeah, those are the ones I like. There's plenty more. Well worth a gander.


    Man, get a US account, those PSN sales are nuts. 99c games & 60-70% off.

    Even with our $ as weak as it is, you still save!

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    I recommend Galak-Z with a PS+ discount. It's about $24.

    Man, it's so sweet when we get a sale that reduces to price right down to US prices.

    Bit slow these have been going for a month already but even so I'm still tossing up between the handsome collection or evolve.. Any one rate evolve as purchase worthy? Or just too much dlc to bother?

      Evolve, Good game. Bad product. I did grab handsome collection and it was worth the money. All dlc for both pre sequel and 2

      Yeah I'm thinking of grabbing Handsome Collection too but don't have a second PS4 controller with which to play with friends/loved ones. Those things are damned expensive!

    The Bloodborne sale would havr to be the worst way to advertise this. $5 off a $55 game isn't exactly a miracle

      Umm, I believe you have your facts wrong.

      Bloodborne's Australian RRP = $79.95.

      Sale Price = $54.95

      Playstation Plus Sale Price = $49.95

    Don't suppose they can reduce the pre-order prices to something other than the usual Sony-got-you-bleeding-from-arse levels?

      Sometimes you've just got to embrace the bleeding. However, I only ever pre-order special editions or localised games with small print runs. Anything else is just crazy. The digital pre-order bonuses are... lacklustre.

    Picked up Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition on PS4. Those killcam shots never seem to get old. Pretty good 3D as well. Sometimes a 7/10 game bought at a good price ticks all the boxes.

    WTF. Learnt the lesson the hard way about not buying immediately, all the good stuff isn't on sale anymore despite their press materials saying the sale's on for another week! Looks like they've added more stuff at the expense of the good deals.

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