This Game Blends Half-Life 2 And Hotline Miami Into One Glorious Tribute

When you have two games as iconic as these, it's kind of bizarre that someone hasn't tried to mash them up before.

It's called Half-Line Miami, a free mashup between the Drive-inspired, 80's styled top-down murdering spree Hotline Miami and one of the few games that needs no introduction, Half-Life 2.

It's free to download now on and arrives on the internet courtesy of Thomas Kole, a 20 year old student based in Belgium. "I made this game as a declaration of my love for these 2 games, and as an experiment in game design," he wrote.

The game has an electronica soundtrack from by Geoffrey Graven, whose Soundcloud would fit perfectly in either of the Hotline Miami games.

Half-Line Miami itself has eight levels — "one for every region in Half-Life 2" — a level editor and endless fun with the gravity gun, with plenty of objects to launch into unsuspecting enemies.

You can check out the trailer below — it looks a lot more fun than some $20 or $30 games I've bought on Steam. The fact that it's put together by a 20-year-old student is damn impressive too.

If you're interested, Half-Line Miami is a 96mb download. And did I mention it's free?


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