This Is Dark Souls

Or more precisely, this is Dark Souls II. I love everything about this.

My favourite part: the hesitation. This thing is on a timer. If the player had just run through straight away he'd have been fine. The fact he/she just sort of ran around in circles worried he was walking into a trap? That just makes this whole thing even more hilarious.

I love it.


    I'd be there waiting for a good minute or so to see if it triggered. I am so paranoid about stuff that is obviously a trap but I don't know what the trigger is. I'll edge into rooms or past blind corners and than immediately combat roll back, just to see if something triggers like a trap or encounter.

    The thing about this section that horrified me, was for the longest time I somehow missed the bloody ladder to the bonfire right before the big fire boss (the room is a cage and the rungs just got lost to my eyes).

    Made that particular boss terrifying because I knew how far I had to go to get back to him if he killed me..

    I take your Souls, and raise you one Bloodborne:

    Terrible decision made in a split-second of panic.

      Can't forget this doozy.

    The best bit is if they make it through, there's a turtle around the corner. Players then run back all scared and either get cornered or killed by the contraption depending on their timing.

    So devious!

    Did they change the enemy placement in the scholar of the first sin? because I distinctly remember there being a turtle knight in that corridor, right after the switch in the original version. That bastard fell on me several times

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    Ha sweet. This is Dark Souls in a nut shell...... please watch.

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