This Is Me Before Every Single Rocket League Match

Yep, this is me before every Rocket League match. Every single time.

And honestly, there have been losses where I felt enough rage to possibly spontaneously combust. It's only a matter of time. At the very least I'm probably gonna set myself on fire.

But seriously: the rate at which Rocket League went from 'HAPPY HAPPY FUN FUN don't really care if I lose' to 'WHY THE GOOD GODDAMN HELL WON'T THESE PEOPLE LEARN HOW TO DEFEND' is, quite frankly, terrifying.

That transition. It was rapid. I was happily losing matches saying, 'oh it's just a game, what fun!' Now? Now it's just dear goddamn jesus why is EVERYONE RUSHING THE BALL AT KICK OFF!

Anyway. Rocket League makes me angry now.


    Rocket League has achieved in weeks what Dota and League of Legends took months to pull off. Bravo.

      It's far more accessible than the average MOBA so the transition from having stupid fun to needing to get a bit serious to keep up with a match is expedited, and brings that wonderful feeling of frustration we all know and love with it.

        how is the community? Yet to buy it but might... I stay away from toxic communities, yet to play dota 2 and lol for that very reason, while some can game happily in those conditions I find it makes me super frustrated, so the best thing I can do is steer clear of places like that.

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          It used to be sensational - the more mature player base of the PS4 kept things 'friendly competitive' but those damn PC kids and their low barriers to entry have started trolling. I got my first "go kill yourself" in-game the other day, then spent five minutes trying to work out how to block the little maggot (doesn't look like you can console->PC).

          Then, tonight's game must have been achievement chasing. 3v3 and two players on my team were actively shooting goals for the opposition - I couldn't be bothered hanging around for that one.

          It is a sensational game. If only there were a few more options to dispense vigilante justice on those who piss me off online. (Then again, I'll be the first to admit, I'm gonna abuse that power)

            You can turn off cross play in the settings... Though I'm sure it will make match making take quite a bit longer.

          Fine, if you compare it to the average online community. You'll run into people who will give sarcastic praise or otherwise try to annoy, but the games are <10 minutes in length so you can move on really easily...and when you start getting into higher levels it drops off and you start getting far better behaviour from everyone.

          @bj1 I've seen far more PS4 players being arseholes than PC player. I'm pretty sure the spread of jerks on platforms is spread fairly evenly between the two.

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          I find it great, people are polite and mature, and in ranked especially so.

      I couldn't help thinking, this is me before every single Dota 2 match.

    Yup playing with my brother last night, he screwed up some easy open goal shots and wouldn't stop apologizing for messing up until kick off again.

    Fuck this sums up my last few days of Rocket League so well. I had to temporary delete it or hit that self combustion point.

    Just recent;y got Rocket League and I'm getting flash-backs of playing TF2. Always having to be the Medic because no one else will. Now I'm seeing myself defending a lot.

    This is me, except that once I boot up the game I instantaneously break out into full-in eurobeat techno dancing.

      Haha i feel the same way. I always end up being the medic /support in every game i play that has the option. Its become second nature now. Everyone just wants to make the killer plays

    it’s just dear goddamn jesus why is EVERYONE RUSHING THE BALL AT KICK OFF!

    Are you saying you know how to play positions?

    You, you can be on my team. Hey @rize! I found a third!

      If you are in need of a player send me a message PSN: Zambayoshi

      (I prefer playing defence/sweeper)

        May I add you?
        PSN: Coltzerik

          Yeah man!

            Sweet, request sent.
            Anyone else reading this is welcome to send me a request too, I'm somewhat new to PlayStation and need more online buddies to play with.
            I also play the Souls/Borne series a lot too.

      I know how to play position, I can be the third.
      let me see, if that makes you the striker and Rize the goal keeper, that must mean I drive around in circles missing the ball

    Haha This was me with DOTA 2.... and now with Hearthstone since i started taking ranked mode more seriously =P

    No fun shall be had today!

    Well @markserrels just how do you think you are going to go once you add the pressure of Steel Cut Strokes to the current equation.

      I'm going to be permabanned from Allure Media sites before the second match finishes.

    Couldn't help but notice, he's on the winning team (when he explodes) :/

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    Man... Simon Pegg looks so angry just before Rocket League...

    I hope that if that much emotion is involved it's because it's a ranked match.

    I'm yet to even attempt my first ranked match, but I never get that pissy at non-ranked games.

    What is the point getting that angry if nothing is at stake?

    I solely play defense now (because no one else will) with the odd push up to mid-field and beyond, mostly for passing. Even whe I start in a position to hit the ball first I make for the ball, clear it and then head on back to my goal. I dont mind not making all the scoring plays. Hell, I player sweeper for over 10 years, so I got used to not scoring much.

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    If I am in the rear position, I'll always defend. More and more people appear to be doing that, but occasionally you get all three rushing the ball. Meh, I love the mayhem, I just wish I could do arial shots.

    Oh man, every game I play... I have thus far restrained from going all out troll and call my teammates noobs and other expletives for not defending and such.
    OMG I've become the angry impatient LoL/DOTA player that I detest so much and specifically avoid those games because of those people...

    On another note though, I find when I play with some friends online against other people, I have no problem. It's when I'm online with a bunch of strangers and no voice chat that I feel the rage.

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