This Is Your First Look At The Deadpool Movie

Hey, that Deadpool movie. The first main trailer is here. You can watch it now.

Man, I'm not sure about it. I get that it's the character, but the wisecracking might get a little old for me.

I did like the Green Lantern reference though!


    FUCK. YES.

    (although I did notice that's a slightly different cut to what they showed at comicon)

    Oh god that looks *perfect*. I know what movie just knocked BvS and Civil war out of the dual #1 positions for me next year!

    Oh man I can't wait.

    The green lantern joke was fantastic and I really hope they go with the fan idea of having him recognise Stan Lee during his cameo.

    Why remake the 5th Dirty Harry movie without Dirty Harry?

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    I broke my no trailer rule for this, I'm glad I did. Other than Hellboy 3 should it ever get made, this is my main superhero film I want to see

      Even the announcement for the trailer was fantastic. They're hitting ALL the right notes for this movie so far :)

        I'm kind of glad the mediocre comic book films of the 90s and early 2000s got made as they showed the studios you can't do them half assed and expect people to walk through the doors. Paying lip service to the fans is not a bad thing

          Absolutely. Incase you missed it check this out lol

            It's like they didn't just shoe horn the characters into the script it's like they based the script on the characters. The people who wrote this actually seem to get Deadpool, I tend to avoid Trailers for movies I want to see but damn this looks awesome.

    I do like that they're not afraid of swearing during the trailer!

      The Green Band trailer ( takes care of that, but also references it in Deadpool fashion to point people towards the Red Band trailer.

    Dear God yes.

    Still cant believe this is coming from Fox. I really hope Reynolds gets to shine, I've always liked him as an actor....he embodies Deadpool so much

    Unrelated to the video itself, it seems the only way I can add videos to my watch later list in the new video player is to go fullscreen, then the button appears in the top right corner. Seems strange, is it just me?

      Not just you. Seems to be an oversight, it looks like they intended that you use the links below the video on the YouTube website when not in full screen mode, but maybe didn't consider that wouldn't be an option when the video is embedded.

        Well that's annoying. I tend to add stuff to my watch later list while I'm at work (where I can't watch videos). Makes it a little bit dangerous to have to go full screen temporarily just to do that.

    This has all the makings of the Deadpool movie we deserve. Its looking perfect. Cant wait to see this!

    I laughed hard during this trailer!
    So inappropriate. So keen.

    This guy's got the right idea. He wore the brown pants

    I laughed harder than I probably should have. It seems like Marvel might be able to succeed at making a comedy action movie.

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    Say what you will about origins, but ever since we saw him as Wade in that, Ryan Reynolds has always been Deadpool to me... if you disregard when they sewed his mouth shut

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